Lampeter, Wales, GBR

The music of Jadu is a creative synthesis of classical Indian music and European Jazz, a contemporary and dynamic sound, both transcendent and inspirational. Jadu explore new musical frontiers, while keeping the best from tradition, they create a rich banquet of sound and colour. VIDEO youtubelink


Jadu means magic in Hindi, and the magic is crafted by the talented hands of five extraordinary musicians: Pete Stacey, soprano sax & flute, Rajesh David, vocals & harmonium, Kelly Smith, tabla, Paul Uden, guitar and Bryan Smith, tamboura.
Nourished by the landscape and silence of West Wales, their music is inspired by the restless waves of the Irish Sea, the ancient cliffs of Cardigan Bay and the mists swirling in the valleys of the Cambrian Mountains.

Each of them brings something different to the creative melting pot that forms the music of Jadu. Pete's musical soul is steeped in jazz, he makes the sax and flute sing so lyrically. A native of Swansea, he has studied classical Indian music and composed for both Nishat Khan and Hariprasad Chaurasia, and he plays regularly with Dance India Wales.
Rajesh's heart is so full of devotion that it spills over into his voiceand takes the listener on an unforgettable journey. Born in Mumbai, both parents skilled in classical Indian music, he has studied the power of sound and mantra and taken it to a new level.
Kelly, from West Wales, has a passion for tabla and a power and clarity to his performance that creates dynamic, exciting music. Kelly is also a member of Tarang, the UK National Indian Music Ensemble and has studied Tabla with Sanju Sahai & Samir Chaturgee. Kelly is currently studing with Kousic Sen.
Paul's guitar shimmers, sparkles like light on water, creating a river of sound. His multiple influences range from funk to jazz, mento to son and he has built a style that is unique. Bryan brings the richness of his musical journey of fifty years, spanning rock, folk and R&B. He's an innovative singer/songwriter and has played Indian devotional music since the early eighties.

Paul, Pete & Kelly have been playing together since 2005, Rajesh and Bryan joined them in 2009 and the music gained in depth and creativity. Jadu (formerly Magick Carpet) have played at The Big Chill, The Square Festival, Wales Millennium Centre, and many venues in West Wales. In August 2011 they performed at Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Jadu create their music during practice sessions; one person arrives with a theme, a concept, a pattern of notes, such as Rajesh's experience watching the sun set into the Irish sea that resulted in Aberaeron Sunset, or Paul's experience crossing a river in Morocco that lead to Boragrag. Then they will play with it, each band member adding their own flavour to the piece until the whole becomes a rich banquet of sound that is both moving and transcendent. Their music expresses the synthesis of cultures that is a key aspect of the 21st century.


Kabir's Song

Written By: JADU: R. David, B. Smith, K. Smith, P. Stacey, P. Uden

This evocative piece is in Malkauns, a meditative raga. Kabir was a great mystic poet saint in India in the 15th century.
'When the mind is immersed in the divine, there are no words, only Silnce. All saints and wise men say your God is within you, then why are you looking outwards?'

Indo Tango

Written By: JADU

Paul's rhythmic chords and Pete's lyrical melody formed the basis for this piece. Rajesh's vocal improvisation is in a raga associated with the monsoon season.


Written By: JADU

This dynamic composition was created from a jamming session based on a cycle of ten beats. The melody is based on the Bhairav scale.

By The Sea of Tranquility

Written By: JADU

The beauty and innate stillness of this meditative composition create an atmosphere of peace and serenity.


April 2011: CD ABERAERON SUNSET on GLOBAL HERITAGE/OSMOSIS LABEL. General RElease date 10th October 2011.
7 tracks, 74 mins: Deg, Kabir's Song, Indo Tango, Sohini, Aberaeron Sunset, Boragrag, By the Sea of Tranquility.

AUGUST 2011: 'Kabir's Song' recorded live in Tamerlane's Mausoleum, Samarkand by Michal Shapiro (Huffington Post). www.linktv.org/worldmusic/blog

Tracks from 'Aberaeron Sunset' have been played on BBC Radio Wales, Radio Cardiff and Radio Pembroke.

'By The Sea of Tranquility' on 'Rock & Reel' sample CD October 2011.

'By The Sea of Tranquility' used in a Cricklepit Media video production.

April 2011: Track 'Four' from 2008 EP used by Giuseppe Petruzzellis as backing for his documentary 'India Flow.' (www.Aplysia.net) (http://indiafloweng.blogspot.com)

May 2009: CD MAGICK CARPET ( JADU formerly called Magick Carpet) on Blackearthmedia 4 tracks, 30 mins: Sohini, Acupressure, March for the Badgers, Deg Curiad.

December 2009: Track 'Sohini' featured in compilation album by BIg Chill Label for Solar Aid. Compilation played regularly on many radio and online stations.

November 2008: Demo CD by Blackearthmeadia 22mins, 5 tracks: Bip Bong, Three Four, March for the Badgers, Acid Number One, Four.

Set List

Deg, Accupressure, Kabir's Song, Indo Tango, Boragrag, March for the Badgers, Tolpas, Sohini, The Road to Samarkand, By The Sea of Tranquility, Aberaeron Sunset