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Jad Walters



Jad Walters has skillfully fused fingerstyle guitar with acoustic rock on his debut album Running With Giants. From the syncopated rhythm of “Everyman”, to the funky, percussive acoustic solo track “Running With Giants”, to the softer side of “Goodbye JT”, this album is sure to please all listeners. Jad was born and raised in West Virginia. He was born into a musical family and like his dad, has been passionate about music for years. Jad began playing the guitar 10 years ago, but it wasn't until about 4 years ago when he began learning fingerstyle guitar. Trying alternate tunings and new techniques, Jad felt like he had learned a whole new instrument. "I had no idea the acoustic guitar had so many capabilities". Jad continues to pull from a variety of influences to inspire his writing. He is currently working on tour dates and writing for his next album.


2005- Running With Giants: Jad Walters

Set List

Jad's setlist are comprised of orginal tunes from his debut CD, new songs he is currently working on and covers. The covers range from Dave Matthews Band, to Don Ross, to Coldplay, to a variety of other styles. Jad's set can range from one to three hours.