Jae B

Jae B

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Jae is about making good music for the people of our generation. With the decline of musical talent and creativity, Jae gives you meaningful lyrics and positive personality, Jae has the skill and talent to make a name for himself in the music industry.


From an early age Jaysen "Jae Butta" Stewart was always musically inclined. Throughout his school career though, he never showed to much interest in music. In elementary school he tried his hand at a few instruments, but none really sparked his interest. He then moved on to drama, and hip hop dancing. Drama wasn't really his calling, but as a dancer he grew to realize one important thing about people in life. That there are three categories of people, athletes, entertainers, and the norm. So after trying a few sports, he realized that he was an entertainer and has been that way from the day he walked into his fathers studio. Learning and memorizing every piece of equipment he had. Now our young artist has numerous projects underway, producing two solo albums for two other artists on his label The Academy, and a collaboration album. Currently with a number of different producers and looking for a response from different indie labels, Jae has a promising future, just be on the look out of upcoming projects

Set List

30 to 45 minute show set