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Savannah, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Savannah, GA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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Available on Amazon

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@jaebars on twitter

@jaebars109 on IG

@jaebars109 on FB

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Written by Tye Banks
Tuesday, 17 June 2008
Milwaukee just gave us its finest brew "Jaebars"

TB: What's going on Jaebars, how did you get that name?

JB: What's good, what's good. How i got my name is actually funny. I started out as Younghood. I had to change that cuz it was like a curse. Before i opened up my mouth to say one word people automatically assumed i was about to talk about gang banging and stuff. I mean like that's all that's in the hoods or something. So i was like damn i gotta getta better name. So i brain stormed and the first name i came up with was JASON BARS. Jason was the name my mother was gonna name me before my pops decided to stick me wit his name. so then i finally decided jaebars. Simply because I'm jae and I got bars.

TB: So how long have you been in the rap game and who are some of your influences?

JB: Man i Been rappin since forever... I started in like middle school. Lol, I remember the first rap i ever ever wrote. it was a verse I wrote about this game called Twisted Metal and I spit it like the mo'money mo problems style like off Puffy song. I thought it was hott, I was trippin!!! But, I started working seriously this year in January when I met Lamont and Lorenzo the owners of Oddball Ent. you know my management team and label I mean I thought I was serious before that in 06' or 07' but I was doing everything all wrong. But you live and you learn right??? As far as my influences? man I love hip hop and above all I'm a fan first. I started rappin listening to Murda Mase, Cam'ron, and Big L. But the rappers that made me wanna really take up the art was Emienem and Royce da 5'9". They be killing it lyrically real talk. Now my favorite rappers is Joe Budden, Jadakiss, Styles P, Jean Grae, Joell Ortiz, slim shady and Royce still,Fabolous, Hitchcock, R.I.P. stack Bundles and many others but those my tops in no specific order ya know.

TB: How is the hip hop scene where you're from?

JB: Man in Milwaukee it's so segregated. Like it's not alotta places you can goto to check out the local talent. And the city don't even support there own talent, but i mean it's madd talent here. If everybody teamed up and worked together we'd be way better off, but people been preaching that for years. I love my city though. And we got some nice talent here differentially check us out.

TB: What's the biggest problem in hip hop in your opinion?

JB: Honestly the biggest problem is bottleggin and if it's not that it's lack of creativity. Personally alotta cats rappin are just rappin, they forget to take pride in they verse, I remember in 2000 to like 2005 man rap was so strong. You'd listen to cats and have to scratch yo head when they rhythm. Like it was mind bogglin how they could paint a picture, like an Intelligent picture. Now rap is so simple, I mean there's some out there that still treat it like an art and i love that. Don't get me wrong I'm not dissin no type of music it's just not for me.

TB: What projects do you have coming up and where can people go check out more of your music at?

JB: Man I'm currently starting my mixtape series which I'm callin the "Street Team Chronicles" it's gonna be able for free download on Soundclick. I think thats gonna be crazy, and following that will be my first album "SMOKE & MIRRORS" which Im trying to get distributed through commercial stores. And of course you already know everybody gotta Myspace page I ain't no exception. So you can defiantly come check me out on there at www.myspace.com/jaebars.

TB: What was the 1st song you ever wrote?

JB: woooow!!! lol...um... the first "song" i ever wrote was called "Tonight" I originally wrote the first verse off Twista's get it wet. but i finally got my own beat for it. And i wrote this lil sex song. Lol it was funny... i still got that song. The way it was originally recorded. Awww man talk about kicking up dust.

TB: And sense this is WhoRyde.com, what's your dream car or what type of car are you driving now?

JB: right now I'm driving a Oldsmobile, but my dream car is a Cadillac Cien. Man that car is so raw!!! I want it Black on Yellow, and I'm a call it the Batmobile ya digg!!!! lol

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Milwaukee cranks out as many rappers as its legendry brew, but few match the hops and props of  Miltown native Jeffrey Jaebars Townsell.

A self proclaimed poetry junkie turned rapper, young Jaebars got his start writing short stories. His passion for the pen evolved into freestyle rapping when he was introduced to ciphering in high school.

“There are two types of rappers…those who love the art and those who love the game…be it money, women, fame and attention. I creatively embrace music that’s true to me…a creative extension of who I am. Rap is not a sport to be played…it’s an art form about life, where I can interject my moods and opinions. Hopefully, the fans will be as passionate about that honesty as well,” commented Jaebars.

If writing and rapping weren’t enough, Jae is busy honing his creative multimedia skills as an electronic game developer and designer.

What is on the hip hop horizon…national and international performance tours, building a loyal fan base, street teams, streams, downloads, and artistic success centered on a firm foundation that can last a career and a lifetime.


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