jaerod storm

jaerod storm

 Jamaica, New York, USA

pop urband r&b mixed


Born and raised in Brooklyn ,New York on the 11th of March, Jason Hightower better known as Jaerod Storm the youngest of four siblings was always looked upon as one of the most talented individuals of his kind. Lack of exposure did not keep the light from shining off of this Brooklyn raised heart throb. Jay entered and won many talent shows after his most power influence passed due to breast cancer. “Cynthia Freeman” the well known choir leading, opera singing, organist, and grand mother of our rising star, was enough inspiration and motivation to help Jaerod in his endeavor to success. Being a three time consecutive winner for the Apollo Theatre, at the age of thirteen helped in strengthening this young stars dream. With a unique persona, and style of choice, this untrained M.C.destined for success, rised to the occasion to show what he’s got. Influenced by already established artists and groups such as, Boyz2men, 112, Jagged Edge and Brandy, just to name a few. Helped in training his musical ear, but his unique voice and sharp but smooth dance moves, along with his ability to write and play instruments, automatically separates this young entrepreneur from your average artist. Indifferent deliveries to each track that he continues to slay, places him in a categories of his own, Creativity in its finest form is what he strives to display as New York fans continue to call Jaerod Storm “the NEXT best thing"


no radio air play but got a few on youtube