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Jae E, a versatile artist that can compete with the majors with his versatility, flow and style. he mixes rap, hip hop and r&b all together to make his sound interesting and unique.


Jae e

Phoenix, Arizona

His name is Jae e. The sound is ultimate hip hop and rap. The beat makes you want to move your body. Music you want to listen to. That’s because Jae e is music. He has music running through his veins. From his father – to his uncle - to his cousins. “Music has always been part of me. When I’m in the studio I know that’s what I’m here for.”

Recording is part of his normal routine. “To be the best, you have to stay grinding.” He’s always recording – even if it’s not a complete song. It could be a verse or hook or just a style or sound that may be a bit different. Jae e captures that sound and works with it.

The styles of music that Jae e listens to has its’ own variety. “My heart beat music like an 808 but it’s not just hip hop I listen to. I listen to all kinds of music to get more ideas of what will be hot on a universal scale.” Jae e listens to Rhythm and Blues along with 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music – and even Rock n Roll! People are telling Jae e that hip hop is dead, so he feels that he is the life support to keep it pumping with his style of flow and swag.

“My inspiration is my will to succeed. I know the game has been missing an artist of my talent – and being as young as I am only leaves the door open for me to become the best.”

Currently there are no plans to tour - but you can’t rule anything out when it comes to Jae e. He’s currently focusing on creating the EP’s for his songs. The next EP release will be for “Grand Entrance” sometime in early 2009.

Jae e is working on a follow up album with more than a standard 10 singles on it. “I want my LP to have at least 19 singles.”

“Just be prepared cuz once I’m hittin’, I’m gonna keep hittin’ like Tyson in the 90’s.”

Jae e, knock ‘em out!

For more information on Jae e, go to www.arselect.com or you can go to: www.myspace.com/yaboyjaee, www.soundclick.com/jaee, www.promofm/jae_e, or www.imeem.com/yaboyjaee, http://ugotwax.com/music/jae_e, www.myspace.com/lalaentertainment


single: Make It Happen. Now available on itunes, amazon mp3 and e-music.

E.P: "Grand Entrance" released june 30 2009

Set List

1.do you right
2.put it in the air
3.me 2
4.lay by my banana
5.special 1
6.bitch im paid
7.good ol days
8.i got it
9.going for mine

Sets about 35-60 minutes long. sets can be altered to fit in with any requirements