Jae Franklin

Jae Franklin

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Jae Franklin embodies nearly the entire spectrum of soul music, from Jazz to Afrobeat to Electronic Soul. Think a mix of Amel Larrieux, Portishead and Sade. She is preparing to release a free album entitled, Always Needed You, on March 1st, which is only the beginning of her various plans for 2011.


Jae Franklin embodies nearly the entire spectrum of soul music, from Jazz to Afrobeat to Electronic Soul. Her soft and sweet voice captivates fans quicker than her passionate and moving lyricism. Seeking a range like Rachelle Ferrell, charm like Sade, and a mind like Quincy Jones and Sting, Jae exquisitely showcases her passion for music in each minute of every performance and every song she writes.

Currently living in Atlanta, Jae is an international songstress that is continuously fusing her artistry with issues in today’s world. Through her global travels and research, she creatively merges the act of art for the sake of art and art for the sake of activism by using some of the most politically active records and tying them in with lyrics that represent a lot of social issues. She wants to push the boundaries and set a standard of how to successfully produce soul music while keeping her artistic integrity.

The Houston-native began singing at an early age, like many well-known artists, in the church choir. Although she took piano lessons and voice lessons, Jae decided early-on she wanted to focus on singing. She attended High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, excelling in the study of voice and theory. Jae was active at HSPVA, joining various choirs, ensembles and the theatrical group the Young Performers.

Working with the likes of award-winning songwriter and producer Bryan Michael Cox, composer Louis St. Louis of the movie Grease, and songwriters and production teams for Tyler Perry, Donnell Jones and Tamar Davis, Jae Franklin hopes to further expand so that her music can reach all walks of life. This is by far one of the best years, which has given her the most imperative resources, musical direction, and spiritual guidance she has ever had. There isn’t a moment that passes in her life when she doesn’t think about how her music will affect the world.

Her calling is her passion. Her passion is her music. Follow her while her music plays through the greatest moments of her life....


Always Needed You

Written By: Jae Franklin

Always Needed You
Written and Arranged by: Jameaka Tubbs

Verse 1:
I had hard times just like the rest of the world
No different for me
You always held me down
Thank you for giving me the beauty that is in you

B Section:
You're like a chore that I love to do
And you are my strength when I waver
There's no words to be spoken
it's not necessary
Cause you were my air; the anchor to me

I needed you
And I needed you

Verse 2:
Always gave me love when you knew what I was guilty of
And even when I hurt you the most
You stood right there (Stood right there)
And waited for me to grow

Oh I needed you
And I, And I, And I, And I needed you

Oh yeah
There is beauty in is, there is beauty in us
Hey Yeah
My angel

Ain't no love in this whole world
No one else can compare
Everything you do I swear I love it
No matter what you do or say
The love you give to me I will take
and cherish for the rest of my life

You give me all that I need (I need, I need, yeah)
Thank you Oh, Um, Yeah


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2010 - Always Needed You
Release Date: March 1, 2011

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