Jae Harmony

Jae Harmony

 Richmond, California, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

After delivering an explosive barrage of wity lyrics in the form of two mixtapes he caught the ear of Anatta Roc Record's president, Robert Silver. Not too long did he decide to sign Jae to A. Roc Record's rooster. Now on the move he plans to make a mark in hip-hop history a


Jae Harmony is that knucklehead within the circle of knowledge seekers, hollering at the girls, weed within arm's reach, talking more smack than senior citizens in foldout lawn chairs at the neighbor's barbeque. He's a lovable knucklehead, though. For all of his grandiose posturing, you can tell that his mind's eye is taking it all in, and that includes a mentor's advice along with the big booty coming down the street. Often referring to himself as an alien or Martian, this INF Gang affiliate certainly stands out among his comrades as part of the Anatta Roc Records roster.


Herbals 'n' Verbalz, mixtape
Medicanal Use Only, mixtape
The Memo Demo: An Alien's Introduction, EP