Solo Female Artist. Sultry vocals with an R&B flava. Jae-Jae can take you from a sweet love song, with melodic tones, to an Aretha Franklin Gospel style with all of the sounds of soul.


I grew up in upstate New York and moved to the MidWest after high school, where I attended college and received my Bachelor's Degree in Business. My musical influences throughout the years have been Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Dionne Warrick. I have a sound that is both pop and R&B. I write all of my own lyrics and some of my music, I also like to do my own graphic designs as well. I have sold many copies of Heavenly Explosion in Michigan, and this track was played on several radio stations in current rotation as well. Many people have called in and requested the song, even those who do not personally know me. I leave a lasting impression on my audiences, as I have not only the talent and stage presence, but a personality that shines!


Maxi-Single: DRAMA 101; Keep it REAL, Why R U Bringin' Me Down? released in 2005, streaming on Yahoo Music, CD Baby and Tower Records.
Single: Heavenly Explosion, released December 2005, current rotation at several radio stations in Michigan, streaming at Yahoo Music, CD Baby, and Tower Records. Both Albums may also be heard with snippits at www.jae-jae.com.