Jaek Delarge

Jaek Delarge

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
SoloHip Hop

Jaek DeLarge hails from Toronto. Boasting the perfect blend of Style, Grit and Substance, his look and sound a both true reflections of the bubbling city's often overlooked West End.


The musical journey of Jaek DeLarge began in the west end of Toronto where he started writing and studying music formally in 2002. After releasing his 'Love Songs' EP in 2010, he would bounce back a year later with the 'One Night Stand' LP, followed up by 'Break of Dawn' LP - both to great reviews.

Jaek has since been crowned the 'Rap City Freestyle Champion', made numerous appearances on Much Music and graced stages in and out of his hometown, Toronto. After a brief stint working behind the scenes, he's prepping the release of his forthcoming EP, simply titled 'DLRG'.


2010 - Love Songs ep
2011 - One Night Stand Lp
2013 - Break of Dawn Lp

Set List

J.O.S.E pt. II