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Lancaster, California, United States | INDIE

Lancaster, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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BET Mixtape
Eight Tracks To Ipods
Didymus - Take it By Force
The Anointing
UIC (United in Christ) Mixtape
Weird 2 The World
I Still got It
Church Boy P Mixtape
It's All About The Blood Mixtape
Music Ova Money Mixtape
Rap Moses Meets Arron The Leader Mixtape
Razor Sharp Colabs Mixtape
State Of Emergency Mixtape
The Witnesses Mixtape
Wealth or Wrath Compilation
World War Me Mixtape



Born and raised in the streets of Compton, California, Jerell Ray also known as Jaelife, rapidly realized that hip hop music would soon become more than just an ordinary hobby. Influenced by his second oldest brother, Steven Ray, also known as, VIP, Jaelife began writing and recording his own original material. All through Jr. High and high school Jae marvelously grasped the attention of his peers with his unique and incomparable style of rap.

After numerous years Jaelife began to perfect his God given craft as a hip hop writer/artist. In early 2000, at the age of 18, Jae and his brother VIP, also known as Steven Ray, formed their own independent company, entitled Allstarteam Entertainment. They then released their first ever recorded Ep titled Frost Bit. After adding two more members of the family, the group began performing shows throughout the city of Los Angeles. In 2003 the Allstarteam dropped there first maxi single called From the Church to the streets, the group featuring youngest brother , Jaelife, second oldest brother VIP and oldest brother Chris, also known as C-rizzle, and wife of brother Chris, Elaine also known as Mrs. E-Jane. These made up the Allstarteam.

Due to minor family infractions the Allstarteam took some much needed time off from the music. But this did not stop Jaelife. He continued to grind and perfect his skill as an emcee. For the next 3 years, Jae wrote and recoded well over hundreds of songs. In 2006, Jae dropped his first mixtape called I still got it hosted by Jenizez, Producer of Cityslickas Entertainment. The mixtape received great recognition amongst the underground m Holy Hip Hop (HHH) scene. Slowly, Jae was introduced into the game as one of the fiercest emcees. Since age 12, Jae has been crafting his own style and expertise in the art of rhyming. Through the years Jaelife has collaborated and been featured on some of HHH's most respected and recognized projects in the world. With the teaching of the Holy bible instilled in him by his Grandfather, Jae has always known that God is the ruler and the Savior of his life. Through His music, Jae distributes a since of spiritual knowledge along with the harsh reality of today's society. He brings incredible hip hop with a consciousness that is absolutely, undeniable to anyone who has ears to hear.

Understanding that music has the ability to transform one's mind, body, and soul, Jae imparts this wonderful gift of speech and brings it to life through music. In late 2008, Jae signs with Yahweh Nation, JuuNo Entertainment (YNJ ent). With family and determination, Jaelife is definitely on the path towards bridging the gap between gospel and the mainstream music.