Hi there my names Jae'l

Singing, writing and music baking are HUGEEE passions of mine, I have been singing since I was 13, playing the guitar at the age of 15, writing songs at 16 and singing my own music from the age of 17.

I grew up listening to, R & B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Mo Town, Conmtemporary Christian, Hymns, Maori Waiata (songs) and Religion.

Musicians who have influenced me are Israel Houghton, Brooke Fraser, The 1950's era of music but mainly Frank Sinatra.

I'm inspired by music that sounds quirky and puts a smile on my face, and is always edifying and encouraging. Because of that I approach my music and song writing with that always in mind.

I write my lyrics based on my own experiences and also out of my own personal relationship with God.

I am currently...

- Recording an E.P
2011 June - Now

- Recording a song with Singer/Songwriter
Jordan Barnes

- Involved in a local Singer/Songwriters club.
A monthly get together
2010 March - 2011 Now.

- Involved in vocal training
2010 April - 2011 Now.

I have played for...

Stan Walker, 2011 NZ Tour.
I was chosen by Stan Walker to be his Opening Act.
TSB Show Place, New Plymouth, 2011

Puke Ariki Libraries (First time Libraries have supported Month of may music, that was an exciting experience)
New Plymouth, 2011.

Taranaki Arts Festival Trust
The Famous Spiegeltent
New Plymouth, 2011

Taranaki Festival of Lights
Pukekura Park, Hatchery Lawn
New Plymouth, 2010

Stand Up
East End Beach, Main Stage.
New Plymouth, 2010, 2011.

Waitangi Day Celebration
Hamilton Square, Youth Stage.
Hamilton, 2010.


Let me draw you.

Written By: Jae'l Warbrick

Verse 1:
Let me draw a picture of just you,
A piece of art for you to adhere to.
I have beautiful colours
That I know you will discover,
If you only let me draw you.

Will you let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Will you let me draw you.

Verse 2:
Let me draw a picture of just you.
You’ve seen some best parts,
But first we have to.
Draw some lines that will refine
The way you stand,
To walk what I’ve designed.

If you only let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Will you let me draw you.

Verse 3:
Let me draw a picture of just you,
No other hand can draw like I do.
You will uncover that there is no other
Who can portray beauty like I do.

If you only let me draw you
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Let me draw you.
Will you let me draw you.

La di da da da da da

Good Morning

Written By: Jae'l Warbrick

Good Morning

Verse 1:
I step outside,
Take in the blue sky
And the grass that glistens like
Many fairy lights

I hear the birds sing,
As they sit in there own tree,
I hear baby,
Good morning.

Verse 2:
My new day,
Is my secret grace,
Where yesterday, stays yesterday,
Bring on the glory of today.

I see the flowers bloom,
As they sing there own silent tune,
I hear baby,
Good morning.

I hear this day
The sounds of new grace
Caught by the
Birds in the trees
Oh how they sing it out so sweetly
When it hits the morn,
I hear it in one accord.

Baby, Good morning.

I hear baby,
Good morning x 2

Sunkissed Sky

Written By: Jae'l Warbrick

Sunkissed Sky

Verse 1
I’m greeted by a sun-kissed sky,
A beauty to behold
I double breathe at the sight.
My beautiful morning has come,
My brand new morning has begun.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh x2

Verse 2
Im greeted by a million smiles,
By faces I havent seen
Or heard from in a while.
My smiles have only just begun and
More smiles are on the run.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh x2

Its time to laugh again
Time to smile again
Time to breathe again

Oh, oh, oh ,oh ,oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. x 2


I have 3 singles that are streaming on 2 Well known local radio stations and is also streamed via there websites.

Stations Being:
Access Radio 104.fm

The Most FM Taranaki.
I am featured every Wednesday Nights between 6 and 7pm

I am currently featured on New Plymouth Singer Songwriter C.D which world famous in the Naki and was released last year in November 2010.

At the moment I am creating my first E.P which I have been working on for the past 3 months.

Set List

1) Sunkissed Sky.

2) Good morning.

3) Let me draw you.

4) The Girl.

5) Because of you