Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloR&BHip Hop


Jaemin Brown, better known as Jaemin Miquel, is a 19 year old songwriter, singer, and rapper, Jaemin is set to trailblaze a path only he is able to navigate. His smooth tone, distinctive voice, lyrical wordplay, and individual style set him apart from any other artist currently in mainstream media. 

The development of his unique style is a result of lifetime influence and God-given talent. Growing up with a father who is a musician and an author as a mother meant that Jaemin was destined to excel in both areas. His first foray into utilizing his gift was in the church and later as a featured artist on The Mario Brown Project released nationally in September, 2012.

Jaemin was born in Milwaukee, WI and moved to Atlanta, GA prior to his  freshman year in high school with his mother and younger sister. Assuming his new role as man of the house and maturing into young adulthood influenced his desire to express himself more through music. His journey is accurately reflected through his lyrics and his story is one that any demographic can easily relate to. With his debut mixtape "PENGAME" coming out in May 2016 and his 1st single "Ball Ball" climbing the urban mainstream chart JAEMIN MIQUEL is destined to be one of the top new artists of 2016!