Jae Real

Jae Real

 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

In a time and age that the hip hop culture is in, God has choosen several artists to display his heart to his people. Jae Real has become an influential part of this movement to bring the gospel to the streets. He has touched the hearts of many with his down to earth lyrics and midwest style.


Jae Real was born April 24th,1986 on the east side of Fort Wayne. Growing up he became fascinated with musc and began to record his own tracks. At the tender age of 16, Jae Real was introduced to Christ in a way that changed his life forever. The tracks that he recorded were secular and promoted worldy ideas and principals. Jae Real gave his life to Christ in 2004 and began a new turn on life. He was discourage that he might not be able to do his music anymore until he was introduced to The Cross Movement. This spritual encounter set off a fire in his music and he then began to do gospel hip hop. From that momment on he has been on a mission to captivate the hearts of those people in need of a savior. With the power of music and God's word, Jae Real has touched the hearts of many and seeks to reach the world.


Another Day (UNmasked Album)