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"CD Title: Champaign's Finest EP"

Jaeski Capone and The New Poets Society present the Champaign's Finest EP, a slick
collection of memorable hooks and fast-flowing rap. Capone & company draw you in
right away with the thumping anthem of “Bounce (Get Them Hands Up)”. This is a
standout track, and my personal favorite on the EP. The epic symphonic intro lays a great
foundation for the tight beats and solid rhymes. Capone uses this cut to introduce himself
and his “Lyrical crack rocks”; and it is extremely infectious - the refrain reminds me of
Jay-Z's “Izzo”. I could see this cut having a lot of crossover appeal, as I think the melodic
approach could catch the ear of people who aren't necessarily the biggest rap fans.

“R U Lonely 2Nite” slows down the tempo with a smooth groove, featuring the silky
R&B sounds of guest vocalist Cam. His voice makes a nice counterpoint to Capone's
rhymes – this is a very slick track, with Cam's vocal stylings bringing to mind artists like

Next up is “Jockin My Steez”, a boisterous and aggressive cut that highlights Capone's
tight flow. This thumping anthem minces no words, as Capone uses his lyrics as a
weapon against his foes. I love the beats on this track, and at times Capone's rapid-fire
delivery makes me think of Mike Shinoda.

There's a brief interlude with “New Poet Radio Skit”, as a mock radio show introduces
the next cut. “I'm Gonna Miss U” is another ballad featuring Cam, and gives us a glimpse
of Capone's softer side. A melancholy story of love lost, Capone raps in an open letter to
an ex-lover with Cam declaring in the chorus, “So what if we split apart? I need you.”
This is another solid, radio-friendly track.

“The Coldest Winter Ever” is next, a bleak cut where Capone raps a capella over the
gritty sound effects of city life. I was impressed with his flow and rhyming skills on this
track. It proves that he can really deliver. The theme of "Winter" is defiant, with Capone
challenging his detractors and enemies with a lyrical take-down. Capone is quite
provocative, and while I don't agree with some of the content on this CD, I definitely
respect his talent and enjoyed this cut musically.

“They Ain't Ready” is the last original cut on the EP, a booming rap with thunderous
beats. Capone is skilled at crafting foot-tapping, catchy beats, and this track is no
exception. He dedicates this song to “All the gossipy a**holes out there, running my
name through the rumor mill”. The CD finishes with radio edits of “R U Lonely 2Nite”
and “I'm Gonna Miss U”. These are essentially the same as the album versions, just with
tighter editing.

I enjoyed the Champaign's Finest EP - it's solid and consistent from start to finish. These
tracks are well-written and executed, with Capone proving himself to be a solid rapper.
There are times where the rhymes could possibly be a bit tighter, and there were a few
audio technicalities that could be improved upon – the radio edit for “I'm Gonna Miss U”
has a rather harsh drop-in, for example; But these are small nitpicks that can easily be
fixed. If The New Poets Society had the sort of money behind them that mainstream
rappers do, I'm sure they'd have a hit. If you like tight beats and solid rhymes, you should
give this disc a spin.

Beeb Ashcroft,
“Where Serious Musicians Surf” http://www.indie-music.com - By; Beeb Ashcroft, Indie-Music.com


Hip-Hopcrisy is my first solo LP, released in 2008.

Champaign's Finest is my 2nd solo album released April 25, 2009.



Jaeski Capone comes from the mighty
Midwestern cities of Illinois by the way of
Missouri. He is a lyrical force within his own
right as he fights for his position in the hip
hop realm of music. While joining New Poets
Society in 2008, Jaeski has found a new
home and family that strives to get him the
exposure he so deserves. The sound that
makes Jaeski Capone is the inspiration he
receives from other artist such as: 2Pac, Nas,
Outkast and many others like Common,
James Brown, and Prince. Champaign’s
Finest is Jaeski Capone’s second and official
release that is available for digital downloads
through the most popular channels and
distributors. In addition to, awaiting his big
break, he remains focused and continues to
record good music.