BandHip HopR&B

My music combines the rawness of the streets with the smooth sounds of rhythm & blues. The lyrical assaults heard throughout my compositions embodies the aura of Nas, with the swagger of 2pac all in one. I am an Illinoian by every means but not limited to just the Midwest.


Jaeski Capone comes from the mighty
Midwestern cities of Illinois by the way of
Missouri. He is a lyrical force within his own
right as he fights for his position in the hip
hop realm of music. While joining New Poets
Society in 2008, Jaeski has found a new
home and family that strives to get him the
exposure he so deserves. The sound that
makes Jaeski Capone is the inspiration he
receives from other artist such as: 2Pac, Nas,
Outkast and many others like Common,
James Brown, and Prince. Champaign’s
Finest is Jaeski Capone’s second and official
release that is available for digital downloads
through the most popular channels and
distributors. In addition to, awaiting his big
break, he remains focused and continues to
record good music.


Hip-Hopcrisy is my first solo LP, released in 2008.

Champaign's Finest is my 2nd solo album released April 25, 2009.

Set List

My set list includes 6-8 songs.

I try to keep my set limited to just under 40 minutes. I can go longer or shorter if need be.