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The best kept secret in music


"Jaggedy Ann ROCKS New Zealand"

Jaggedy Ann rocks New Zealand

Las Vegas' all-woman rock group Jaggedy Ann earned second place in the World Battle of the Bands in Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 27.

Jaggedy Ann had won the Nov. 14 U.S. Battle of the Bands in L.A., and went to New Zealand last week to compete against international acts AudioTraffic (Hong Kong), Lump (Australia) and Chuganaut (New Zealand). Not surprisingly, given the event's location, the New Zealand band came out on top.

But according to a representative from SM2 Entertainment, the company that manages Jaggedy Ann, the Las Vegas Ladies of Loud Rock were warmly received and still managed to record a single, "Kissing Dynamite," with Intergalactic Records, something that had only been promised to the winning band. So, regardless of the outcome, Jaggedy Ann still fulfilled its goal of introducing itself it to New Zealand audiences and getting some studio time under its belt.

And hell, if the Killers can make it big in Britain before conquering the States, surely Jaggedy Ann can thrill New Zealand before killing audiences back home, right?

Jaggedy Ann returned to Las Vegas Dec. 1, and will soon sequester itself inside a studio to begin recording a possible full-length album. The band's next performance is New Year's Eve at the Palms' Key West Room. For more info, go to www.jaggedyann.com.


"Jaggedy Ann EP Review"

aggedy Ann is an all girl band from Las Vegas that puts on an amazing Rock n' Roll performance. This week we had the opportunity to review their demo. The CD has 4 of their original songs.

1. Sweet Taste of Honey
2. Shake Your Tail
3. Go Zone
4. Playing the Outlaw

When you play this CD, you can really feel the gritty guitar playing that can only come from a Gibson and Marshall stack. There's some mean solos on the CD that is not heard on CDs nowadays. The songs are raw, agressive, and sexy. You might wonder why I said "sexy". Well..listen to "Shake Your Tail". The intro of this song has so much attitude. It is a song I would love to hear played at a strip club but maybe that's because I live in Las Vegas.

The music in the CD is very tight. You can tell these girls have the skills as musicians. Just from the first listen, you can already tell the strong influence of AC/DC and country. The guitars riffs really drive the music and the vocals are very strong.

"Jaggedy Ann LIVE"

"Jaggedy Ann was formed about seven months ago. After taking a break from her music, Leo made her return to the music scene by forming Jaggedy Ann roughly 7 months ago. All are very talented and diverse individuals. Leo's main influence is AC/DC; Gayla has a background in country music. How does something like this blend together..I don't know! Sometimes, with such great musical diversity, a magical thing happens.... Rock n Roll. These girls are all professional musicians. So far, Jaggedy Ann has made its mark in the Las Vegas in a very short time and it shows in their performance. If you have not seen these girls play live, you are missing out. Not only will they mezmerize your ears with heart pounding rock n roll, these girls will steal your breath away."


"Jaggedy Ann @ The Cheyenne"

After advancing to the finals at the World Battle of the Bands in LA, Jaggedy Ann found it necessary to come back to Vegas and tear the roof off the Cheyenne. Their powerful stage performance took over the Cheyenne and filled it with loud, heart pounding Rock n' Roll that literally put everyone on their feet. Gayla Dawn, the lead vocalist, took over the audience and entertained them with her country rock sound mixed with her appealing charm. Holding down the bass as well as back up vocals was Jhen; it was apparent that she has been in the music scene for a while because all I saw was confidence when she played. Killing the guitar solos was Leo; she was on point, on time, and on fire. Lastly, I can't forget how impressed I was when the ladies played Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", for the first time I could almost understand the chorus. (I hope you guys caught that joke.) All in all, these ladies put on a terrific show, check out Jaggedy Ann and get a taste of what I have been talking about. "


"Jaggedy Ann Pick of the Week"

"What is it about women that rock that's both sexy and slightly scary -- like you never know for sure if they won't just kick your ass for the fun of it? It might be all the leather and corsets -- that whole dominatrix thing, just replacing the cat-of-nine-tails with a B.C. Rich "Warlock" bass. Or maybe it's the ramped-up and vamped-out songs that sit somewhere between Angus Young and a wet dream -- the kind of stuff only gutsy, dangerous girls try to do."

"What ever it is, Jaggedy Ann has it down pat. The Vegas quartet might look like Cheetahs refugees, but the ladies rock like a '70s slug-metal juggernaut, borrowing bits of bluesy swagger from AC/DC and a couple dark secrets from Tony Iommi. Songs like "Taste of Honey" and "Shake Your Tail" are as much fist-pumpers as they are sexy swaggers, frontwoman Gayla Dawn leaving very little to suggestion while guitarist Leona Sharpe proves all the boys are overrated. Yeah, there are a few moments where it sounds like someone might occasionally still have a jones for Whitesnake, but that just makes your mind jump to Tawny Kitaen -- metal's true evil diva. She was hot, sexy and able to dance on the hood of a Jaguar."


"Jaggedy Ann All female Rock Band"

Gayla Dawn: Lead Vocalist
Jaggedy Ann Rock Band

Influenced by a wide variety of singers. Gayla has her own unique vocal style. She was raised in a small town north of Dallas, Texas. She has the power to belt it out and the sensual tones to melt you down. Her energy and stage presence is one that has been compared to the likes of legendary entertainers, Tina Turner, Steven Tyler, and Mick Jagger. She joined .Jaggedy Ann in late 2003 as the lead singer and front person.

Leona Sharpe: Lead Guitar
Leona was born in Mobile, Alabama, but raised in Modesto California. With an intense love for music, performing, and making a spectacle of herself. Growing up, I was always dancing around the house, making up silly songs, and pretending to be on stage. Raised mostly on country music, she was floored when she heard AC/DC's "Highway To hell". I had never heard anything
like it, and I was hooked! Angus Young became my inspiration to start playing guitar. After literally teaching herself to play, she moved to L.A. to pursue her hearts desire, to be a rock star! There, she played in several all girl groups. It was later she was able to put together Jaggedy Ann! I love what we are doing, and I truly believe that this band has what it takes to make it!

The best bands from the Los Angeles region Battled it out for the chance to represent LA at the, WORLD BATTLE OF THE BANDS.
The winners, Jaggedy Ann won the Nov. 14 U.S. Battle of the Bands in L.A. Jaggedy Ann, an explosive four piece all female band from Las Vegas. The Las Vegas' all-woman rock group Jaggedy Ann earned second place in the World Battle of the Bands in Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 27.



"Kissin' Dynamite"
Recorded in New Zealand @ Intergalactic Records
"Go Zone"
"Playin' The Outlaw"
"Shake It"
"Taste of Honey"


Feeling a bit camera shy


All Girl Rock Band from Las Vegas. Played Las Vegas, Arizona, Nevada, Los Angeles and New Zealand.