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"Jag Star & Blender Magazine"

Jag Star was named "one of the 8 hottest unsigned bands in the country" by Blender Magazine and Budweiser. Their song, "Space", is featured on Blender's latest compilation CD! - Blender Magazine

"Jag Star to rock hometown fans..."

They say home is where the heart is, but for the band Jag Star, home is in Knoxville and heart is what they’ve poured into their music every night while touring for the past year. Arriving fresh and jet lagged from a recent performance at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Jag Star is back for a month-long break to write new songs and satisfy the Knoxvillian appetite for this band.

In the past four years, Jag Star has accomplished what some bands might only dream about. Being named a Top 10 winner of Dick Clark’s “New Music Award,” landing a Budweiser sponsored VH-1 “True Music” ad and having a spread in Vanity Fair’s “American Music” issue forms quite the resume when compared to other bands in the Southeast.

The band is elated at the attention they are receiving, but sheepishly admit that it is the fruit of their own labor.

“We work so hard. People say we’re lucky, but it’s not all luck,” said Sarah Lewis, who doubles as lead singer/songwriter. “We work all the time. We do booking, promotion, everything else besides publishing and recording deals.”

Jag Star’s latest endeavor, “Cinematic,” was released in May and launched the group on a national tour in support of New Kids On The Block’s very own Jordan Knight.

“We toured with him from January until this past December,” Lewis said. “He’s got so many fans, there were a lot of big crowds to play for.”

“Cinematic” takes Jag Star to a new level, showcasing Lewis’ songwriting talent that landed her Grand Prize for the “USA Songwriting Competition” in 2002 and the runner-up slot in the “2001 John Lennon Songwriting Contest” for her song “Mouth.”

“When I’m in the studio, I lose it,” Lewis said. “I cried when we left. That’s where I’m in my element. It’s so cool to write a song and then remember the idea for the song and see the finished thing in the studio.”

With songs like “Invite Me to Your Next Dream,” listeners can clearly hear the emotions in Lewis’ voice and writing, even if it does have pop poured all over it.

“It’s positive music and I don’t think there are many bands who sing and write about their own goals and careers,” Lewis said. “Other people can relate to it, even if they aren’t in a band.”

True to their word, Jag Star has a fiercely loyal fan base who have sent their single, “Crazy Place,” into the four-digit sales arena in show and Internet sales alone.

The positive music is hard to resist and with an uplifting vibe, the audience can’t help but watch when Jag Star takes the stage.

“I want them to know that what they saw was real and sincere,”Lewis said.

Chances are, with the amount of success that Jag Star is enjoying, audiences aren’t the only ones noticing.

- The Daily Beacon (Univ. of TN)

"MTV's "Laguna Beach""

One of Jag Star's music videos was chosen to be featured on the new "Laguna Beach Season 1 DVD"! The band has recieved much attention across the country from this exposure. The 2nd season of Laguna is also pushing Jag Star: they have played 2 tracks from the bands latest album -- "Invite Me To Your Next Dream" and "Home Part 2". - Laguna Beach

"Music -- Year in Review"

"Bud Band"

No Knoxville band had a more interesting or busy year than Jag Star. The group started out with a tour of U.S. bases throughout the Middle East, including stops in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kyrgyzstan. That alone is the coolest thing any Knoxville band did, but there were several more to follow. The band played at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles as finalists for the New Music Awards: they were selected by Dick Clark in an early cut. They lost the competition but enjoyed the experience. They were also sponsored by Budweiser and featured in a cool advertising spread in Vanity Fair's music issue. For an encore, the band did a second USO tour, this time through sunny South Pacific. The band is looking forward to recording again soon.

- Metropulse

"University of Delaware Recommendation:"

Recommendation note:

I booked Jag Star for an event in April 2005, and it was our most
successful event ever. Over 3500 people attended and $17,000 was raised for charity. Jag Star was professional, on-time, and flexible to our programming needs. The band was a big hit with our crowd. It was a pleasure working with them and we would like to have them back for future performances. Jag Star even had one celebrity fan in attendance--Bam Margera admitted to me that he keeps their CD in his Hummer. - Nick Lopiccolo

"Armed Forces Tour"

Diego Garcia Show:
I had a chance to see Jagstar perform in Diego Garcia as part of the USO tour. This band is heading for the stars. Best show i've seen to date. A great group with a lot of chemistry. I look forward to following this band for a long time. Can't wait to see them perform again.

E. Rascoe

Kwajalein Show:
Hey, I'm Krystle, you may recall me as the premature journalist. I just ust wanted to say that I REALLY enjoyed you guys' concert. It ROCKED! Kwaj has had some bands come to visit in the past....but never before were they half as cool as you guys. They never sold cd's, signed pics and cd's, talked during the breaks, or judged a costume party contest. You all are truly special. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I hope to follow the band via net and stuff......and root you on in your endevours. You are always welcome out here.


Kwaj Show:
I just wanted to say your preformance was GREAT! Kwaj. kids out here haven't had that much fun in a long time! We had a blast! Come back and see us !

Margaret (AKA KwajSchoolGal)

Fort Benning Show:
Hey, name is Perry. I was in Infantry training at the time ya'll came down. You don't understand the stress we were all under and ya'll helped us out a lot, gave us some time to relax and eat pizza! jJust wanted to drop a line, when are ya'll coming to ft hood?

Homesick soldier

Ganci Airforce Base:

Vocals were of the hook, you have a great voice and mad talent. You and the band will go far and the Fire Dept here at Ganci has your back. Enjoy the rest of the tour and rock every where like you did here. It was my first rock concert and if Jag Stars head lining again I'll be there.


Kyrgyzstan Show:

Thanks for coming out and performing for us guys here in Kyrgyzstan... You guys were great and I absolutely fell in love with you and your voice. I know the accommodations weren't that great here, but thanks for dealing with all the crap just so you guys could show your support.... I'm stationed in Fayetteville, NC at Pope AFB, but I'm originally from Hickory, NC. I saw on your site that you guys play at Murphy's in Boone. That's cool, I've been there quite a few times. That's only about 45 minutes from Hickory and I had a lot of friends that went to ASU. Thanks again for coming all the way over here and roughing it for us.... Take care and good luck with the rest of your shows over here in the middle of nowhere.

Bob Young

Bahrain Show:

I just wanted to say that you sang beautifully over here at shakisa afb, in bahrain. I had been hoping to take a picture with you while you guys were here, but i was kind of shy. It'd be nice to hear from you sometime. well have a safe trip and take care..................


Hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you again for playing last night. I have to admit I am usually skeptical about going to bands that play here. They are usually a country band, not that there is anything wrong with country, just not my genre. Or it will be a really cheesy cover band. Thank you for not being either. You guys sounded great. I am actually about to purchase your CD and if you don't mind, I am going to spread the Jag Star sound around.


Erik J. Flanagan

Afghanistan Show:
Thanks again for the show, it was great! Good luck to all of you!

Chad Daniels

- Fan Feedback

"City of Spartanburg Special Events"

September 14, 2005

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to touch base with you and see how everything is going. The City of Spartanburg’s Spring Fling is coming up the first weekend in May and we had such a great response from the concert you did last year, that we would love to have you back. You guys had Barnet Park really rocking. You guys were great!!! I know you won over many new fans and will have many more when we invite you back! We’ll look forward to rocking in the park again this coming May.

I’ll be in touch with you soon.

Best Regards,

Jane Warner
Festival Coordinator
- Jane Warner, Festival Coordinator

"Concert feedback:"

Sarah, its always a pleasure when JagStar graces our stage. You are known in these parts as a solid professional band...and one that knows how to rock a crowd. I never have to worry about you being on time and you ask very little of us. You guys are welcome at Rhythm and Brews any time. See you soon and thanks again for a great show. I still hear the buzz around town.

Mike Dougher
Rhythm and Brews
Chattanooga, Tn - Rhythm & Brews, Chattanooga, TN

"New Music Review"

Jag Star has put together a light and neat collection of ambient pop tunes that can be appreciated by a wide range audience. Never would have guessed these guys claim Knoxville as their hometown. Slicked up and ready for the WB, Jag Star needs a mass media market quick because I know I have heard the name for a few years, just didn’t know this was the sound.

The album has a dreamy quality. The layers are just separated enough to evoke a mood of atmospheric euphoria. Sensible and effective, Jag Star is geared for modern easy listening and mainstream radio where a market certainly awaits. Heroine Sarah Lewis can talk to the kids as well as the thirty-somethings. She has a pausing and passive tone like a mother figure.

Musicianship is superb. Lots of instruments mixed in with a fair amount of electronica. The digital nature of the production is well executed. A little fiction to the tunes is well balanced by the earthy vocals and warm analog tones.

The songs structures push and pull well. Choruses creep up like they should and all the spikes are controlled effectively and honestly. A few blips and samples nod at modern hip-hop and DJ influences, but this album has more old school pop sensibility than street cred. A ghost toned vocalist and an experimental band are a nice mix no matter how much pop is shelled out. This package is better than ones cooked up by major record labels.
- Enigma Magazine

"The Star Report"

Luck, talent and style. Jag Star has it in spades. The continent-hopping pop-rock sensation that still claims Knoxville as its home snagged another honor to add to its list of accomplishments: performing with Dashboard Confessional and Fountains of Wayne at last weekend's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Jag Star was Bud's first choice out of the approximately 180 bands it sponsors as part of its True Music campaign.

Lead singer and songwriter Sarah Lewis says she and the band were "thrilled" to be picked to perform at a private party hosted by Bud and Blender magazine at Harry O's.

"It was a packed house," says Lewis, "which is always nice the first time in a new market." The gig was also the band's first in Utah.

After spending much of last year touring the country with Jordan Knight, former member of New Kids on the Block, the band got some well-deserved time at home over the holidays. Now they're gearing up for more touring in the spring, to cities in South Carolina, Georgia and Orlando, Fla. And Lewis says there's a possible Caribbean tour in the works. This from the band who did not one but two tours of musical duty for the Armed Forces Entertainment, performing for troops in the Middle East and the Pacific.

Closer to home, the band will perform Friday, Feb. 4, at Patrick Sullivan's. "We really want to play at home more this year," says Lewis, who reports that she's writing a lot and making demos in the band's home studio. And she dispels the rumor that Jag Star signed with Gene Simmons' label. Although the brash KISS alum saw the band play in New York and complimented their latest record, Cinematic, he and Lewis eventually disagreed on the bandÕs career path.

"He told me he liked our show and our music, but the days of me getting any respect as a songwriter are over, and I won't amount to anything if I don't "slut" myself up," says Lewis.

Without helpful advice of has-beens like Simmons, Jag Star gets props from fans and the music industry-most lately in the form of the inclusion of the track "Space" on a Blender compilation CD, which resulted in several radio stations adding the single to playlists. Take that, Gene.
- Metro Pulse


SOUNDTRACK (EPIC RECORDS): "Leavin'" (The Best Impression of Sanity), MTV "The Hills". February 2007

LP: The Best Impression of Sanity, December 2006
Singles: Ridiculous,(tbd)

LP: Cinematic, 2004
Singles: Space, Call Me Crazy, Free The Enemy (Commerical radio, Streaming & XM Satellite Radio)

LP: Crazy Place, 2002
Singles: Mouth, Home, Don't Know What You're Missin' (Commerical radio, Streaming & XM Satellite Radio)

EP: The Beginning, 2000
Singles: Merry Go Round, Gone Again (Commerical radio, XM Satellite Radio)



Knoxville, TN's pop/rock band Jag Star has traveled the world for the past 6 years. This critically acclaimed band has rocked the stage with Joan Jett, Lifehouse, Saving Jane, Simple Plan, Michelle Branch, Bowling For Soup, Dashboard Confessional and Tyler Hilton. Their music has been featured on many television shows such as "Laguna Beach", "Strong Medicine", "Good Girls Don't", "Beautiful People", "The Real World","The Hills", and most recently the trailer for NBC's "Age of Love". Their song "Leavin'" is featured on the soundtrack for MTV's "The Hills" (Epic Records), and they are the only independent artist to be featured!

Jag Star has garnered attention from high-profile magazines like "Vanity Fair", who says the band "has guaranteed its place in the pop-music firmament" and "Blender Magzine", who included them on their compilation CD as one of "the 8 hottest bands in the country". Lead singer Sarah Lewis has won many songwriting awards, such as the USA SONGWRITING COMPETITION, LONDON'S "WE ARE LISTENING", SONGWRITER UNIVERSE'S "SONG OF THE MONTH", and runner-up positions in the JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING COMPETITION and THE BILLBOARD SONGWRITING COMPETITION. Their music was recently included on Ireland/UK's "RISING STARS" CD, a compilation spotlighting the hottest up and coming groups in the world.

The band has received a considerable amount of commercial radio support, a rare achievement by an independent group. They recently released their 4th and "by far the best" album entitled "The Best Impression of Sanity". Lead singer Sarah and guitarist "Just J" co-produced the album with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., 10 Years, Pillar, Disciple). This edgier album landed at #10 on CMJ's College Radio Top 200 Ads list!

Regardless of all of these achievements, Jag Star considers their BIGGEST accomplishment to be their OVERSEAS TOUR for the U.S. TROOPS. They traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kyrgystan, Singapore, Guam, Diego Garcia, and Cuba, to perform concerts for the many men and women over there fighting for our freedom. They lived in the tents like the soldiers and came with a huge appreciation for what they do. Since these tours, the band has played 8 concerts for the Ft. Benning Soldiers in training in Columbus, GA.

What's next? The band is touring in support of their new CD, and will soon be hitting Texas, Connecticut, New York, and Los Angeles. Sarah is also composing instrumentals for a new television show. For more information, check out their website at www.jagstar.com or www.myspace.com/jagstar.