Jagwire is a New York City band that play high energy good ol' fashioned Rock 'n' Roll with a new school hit. With catchy, sing-along melodies and charged, meaningful lyrics, Jagwire gots what it takes to get the party jumping!


Jagwire sounds a little like if Chuck Berry wrote songs for the Pixies, but Eric Burdon stole the demos and performed the songs with the Who. Jagwire gives an exciting live show with high energy, catchy melodies and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll fun.

Over the past year, Jagwire has been gaining a rapidly growing fan base. They typically bring about 50 people on a weekend and 30-40 people on a weeknight. Places Jagwire has played include The Annex, Arlene's Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall, The Delancey, Crash Mansion, Kenny's Castaways, Fat Baby, Bar 169, Mo Pitkins, Moonshine and a Bushwick rooftop for which Thom has to appear in court in March.

Be on the lookout for their upcoming EP! (February 2009)


The Movie Version

Written By: Jagwire

I know you’re a gracious person
But all the same
I’m sure in the movie version
You won’t remember his name

I know that we’re both not equals
But that’s the game
But if we’re both in the sequel
Would you still remember my name

So stay on the line and waste time
This dead air I swear I don’t mind
And I don’t care you’re there ‘cause that’s you’re time
Just know that I’m doing fine

If it’s not now let’s figure out a way how
We can save the day and finally break out
Into another day when we can say
Here we are again and nothing has changed

I’m so sure that you want the world
But if you can’t have her don’t be sad about it
It’s not over
It’s over your right shoulder
If you can afford to turn your head that far.

You Should Have Seen Her

Written By: Jagwire

I was playing
She was watching
We were drinking
They were talking
You should have seen her

I was thinking
We were making love
I was reeling
She was faking
You should have seen her

They were screaming
For another
Play it sister
Sing it Brother
You should have seen her

I was laughing
Hands were clapping
Didn’t notice
Something happened
You should have seen her

I forgot that there was time between us
Time does leave us
But that doesn’t really matter anyway
Won’t you come out and play

She was tired
I was wired
She looked back
And then retired
You should have seen her

She disappeared
When we got home
She was gone
I wrote this song
You should have seen her

Scrapin' the Belly

Written By: Eric Kuehnemann

How much more weight can the frame take
How much longer ‘til we’re scrapin’ the belly
Got a feeling like the structure’s ‘bout to break
Big bang, then we melt into jelly

Two by fours bolted to my door
Duct tape wrapped all over the faucet
Two by two we march towards four more
And the devil keels over exhausted

White powder’s falling from the air
We’re on the ground and you don’t care
Tear off those covers if you dare
Can’t imagine what we’ll find there
Maybe “who� is more descriptive than “what� is

Splish splash I’m drowning in the muck
I’ve seen this movie so I’m holding my eyeballs
Click clack stones bouncing in my lungs
At this rate I’ll be a statue by nightfall

How much more hate can your brain make
With blood like that you must be freezin’ your ass off
My kingdom for a trap or super-sticky tape
The piper’s pipe is gone, I’m sleeping with rats now

From the Sun

Written By: Eric Kuehnemann/Josh Tyson

I’m from the sun, where did you come from
I’m from the sun, where did you come from

Waited all those years, baby, just to see
Summer in Paris, but she died last Spring
Venus in furs, such a childish thing
She choked herself in leather ‘cause she couldn’t breathe

I’m from the sun, where did you come from
I’m from the sun, where did you come from

Bobby’s in the alley, laying on his back
Lipstick traces on his cigarette
Staring at the ceiling, Sally’s back in bed
Been eleven hours, wondering what she said

I’m from the sun, where did you come from
I’m from the sun, where did you come from
I’m from the sun, where did you come from
I’m from the sun, where did you come from

Standing on the corner, in his old brown shoes
Jackie’s downing Jack and singing for some food
Sounds like Muddy Waters, but he’s darker than blues
They say he ate his doggy, baby, ain’t that cruel

I’m from the sun

Down in Louisiana, ‘cross to New Orleans
Johnny’s in the attic, swimming in the sea
Got him seven kids, six he’s never seen
Maybe when the weather’s clean

But don’t you judge what we done
We were under the gun
Don’t you judge what we done
We were under the gun
No don’t you judge what we done
‘Cause we were under the gun
You might think you’re the one
But we all came from the Sun

I’m from the sun, where did you come from

Turn the Channel

Written By: Eric Kuehnemann/Josh Tyson

Turn the channel back one more
I swore I saw someone I met before
I shook hands with that lady on the train

She was laughing in despair
I made it clear I did not care
I tried my best to turn the other way

She caught me off guard
When she called out my name

She stepped toward me, and told me: son
I know you know about the chosen one
I can see it by the look within your eye

Even though I know I had
I sure as hell couldn’t let her know that
‘Cause then I’d have to finally decide

I told myself that she was crazy
So I could live my life
Though I know that its not wrong
Doesn’t make it right

I would open up if I could make it up
I would welcome death if I could know whats next

She said
Give yourself the benefit of doubting it
But don’t be long, I’d love to have you in our song

Pour me one more drink or four
I just can’t take this anymore
My eyes have had much more than they can stand

Put me on my feet, the street is calling me
Could you point me. Please?
I’ll show her what it means to be a man


Jagwire's first EP will be available in February, 2009.

Set List

99.99999% of songs are original material.

From the Sun
Turn the Channel
Chemical Reaction
Spirits High
Blue Socks/Shoes Off
Don't Tell Mama
Swimming with the Fishes
Feeling Lucky
Days are Nights
You Should Have Seen Her
By My Side
The Movie Version
All I Need
Scraping the Belly
All Alone Last Night
Henrik (parts 1&2)
Little Secrets
That's OK (I Was Just Playing You)