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This prolific artist, delivering masterful lyrics, displays an artistic bliss and seamless blend of realism, soul, and hip-hop. Jahalla brings the rebirth of a new consciousness in music that propagates a more creative aesthetic. Get ready for Hip-hop’s next prodigy, superstar and savior….Jahalla!


Jahalla is the strength of a nation unmitigated by the ailments and injustices of time and history. Jahalla was sent as a force to blot out all “hat-hop,” “hip-slop,” “hip-hope,” “hype-hop,” that’s permeating and being bled to the masses in an enormous amount of garbage. Jahalla represents the essence of a higher being within us. He consists of an artistic bliss and seamless blend of realism, soul, and hip-hop. Jahalla plans to bring the rebirth of a new consciousness in music that propagates a wider, alternative, more creative aesthetic. Jahalla’s words and lyrics are soul-filled, deep thoughts that can be felt and manifests through his music.

Jahalla is a beacon for those trying to find themselves on this dark path of hip slop to achieve the award of hip hop. “I come as the wind and the rain but shine as the moon and burn like the sun.” Furthermore, Jahalla is the marriage between the two words, Jah and Allah, to make JAHALLA-pronounced Jaholla.

First, ease your mind and relax your spirit. Then, contemplate the power of a poet, father, lyricist, entrepreneur, performer, and producer in the form of an emcee. You have now begun to understand all that is Jahalla. Next, listen to present day rap music and notice the absence of balance and food for the spirit. You have now begun to grasp the mission: usher in the second coming of “real hip-hop,” but with a touch of southern fried soul. The picture of a prophet is near completion. Imagine a man with the heart of a lion, and the mind of a teacher, possessing the joy and playfulness of a child. You now know hip-hop’s next prodigy, prophet, superstar and savior….Jahalla!

Hailing from Opa Locka, Florida, Jahalla has found a home in the music Mecca of the South, Atlanta. He shares the life experiences of most young black men in America, and offers his lessons and experiences to others through his poetry and music. Though his rhymes are laced with political satire, information for the masses and soul stirring words of wisdom, Jahalla understands that it is also important to make the people party, dance and have a good time. It is his true artistry that allows him to weave music, information and fun into one living, breathing creature called “southern hip-hop.”

With several independent releases under his belt, and countless live performances, Jahalla saw major critical acclaim in 2003 through his involvement with Cee-Lo Green of the “Goodie Mob.” Jahalla was featured on the cut “Microhard” from Cee-Lo’s debut release, CEE-LO GREEN AND HIS PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS. Following this accomplishment, Jahalla found his way into the studio to complete his next album. This work, entitled SOLILIQUES OF A SOLDIER, embodies years of hard work, heart felt lyrics, and an innovative blend of hip-hop and southern sensibility. SOLILIQUES OF A SOLDIER is the truest expression of Jahalla’s spirit; combining songs of upliftment, real underground hip-hop, and good old fashion party jams. “You Don’t Know,” a song from his previous classic album, “My Ode to Hip Hop,” was featured in the Sony Pictures film “YOU GOT SERVED.”

In order to create SOLILIQUES OF A SOLDIER Jahalla enlisted the aid of some of hip-hop’s hottest producers, emcees and vocalists. such as Loc-Smif, Trackxx, T-Skillz and many more. The album also features the emcee talents of “The Nut Up Clique,” the poetry of Ray Alvarez, and the vocal styling of Kia Starr, Tori Alamaze, and Big Mike.

The picture of hip-hop’s next prodigy is now in focus. His mission is to usher in hip-hop’s renaissance. His goal is to provide a facet of the music and culture that has been missing far too long. His time is now, his place is the New South, and his movement is Southern Hip-Hop.

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Set List

This Hip Hop extraordinaire captivates audiences with live shows that showcase true prolific sounds with a touch of southern fried hip-hop. The show is ideal for keeping a diverse audience entertained from 30 minutes to an hour, indoors or outside. Jahalla is available as a solo act or with a band.

Original Songs:
Millenium Kowboi
Doin It
U Don't Know
Soldier Boi
Tree Song