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“ It’s about love. Love for God, love for Mankind and love for Music.”


Hip Hop is now the big selling and most influential music genre worldwide. It comprises of lyrics from the heart and truthfully expresses the realities of life. Widely considered one of the most talented and innovative Hip Hop artists, in the UK and internationally, Jahaziel has been causing a stir on the music scene for almost a decade. He delivers explosive and hard-hitting rhymes that enable his message to impact any audience.

Being a sought after rapper, Jahaziel initially built a name for himself featuring on tracks with major artists including Lemar, Craig David, and US R&B singer Monica, causing him to be high profile. For an extensive period he was the choice rapper for leading UK production outfit Blacksmith before stepping out to begin creating his own path. He was courted by major record labels, yet could not compromise his lyrics in exchange for mainstream success.
Jahaziel featured heavily on the live circuit, co-founding the London Hip Hop collective Zion Noiz. To date, Jahaziel has also made a guest appearance on two tracks for Daniel Bedingfield’s platinum-selling and Grammy nominated album ‘Gotta Get Thru This’. Furthermore he has appeared on stage with gospel greats, including Kim Burrell and platinum-selling US Gospel artist Kirk Franklin, while having collaborated with UK artists Four Kornerz and Raymond & Co.
Defining his music as God-inspired, it includes the gospel message, yet also deals with real life issues of the human experience. Jahaziel is a man on a mission, his lyrics speaking deep truths and resulting in being a positive force. Recognising music as a powerful communicative tool, Jahaziel knows the Hip Hop genre is a language many understand, and it especially strikes a chord with this generation.

Driven by his love for God, love for mankind and love for music, Jahaziel has a heart for all people, and specifically possesses a passion for the youth. With his own past experiences of seeing no option except to make a life through crime, Jahaziel understands the minds of young people caught up in street culture and ghetto lifestyle. He is able to relate to the feelings of hopelessness they face, yet Jahaziel comes to shine the light in darkness. For many years he has been involved in extensive youth projects, leading workshops and initiatives in schools and prisons for young men who especially need reaching. Jahaziel feels a huge sense of responsibility towards them and desires to encourage and empower youth.

Utilising his phenomenal gift, Jahaziel incorporates his music with youth work. Through honest lyrics addresses real life issues, and delivers powerful messages through his positive, thought-provoking music. Yet he also has a wide appeal and desires to reach everyone. Above all, Jahaziel always wants to inspire all people to get closer to God.

He is also influenced by Reggae/Dancehall owing to a Jamaican bloodline and a familiarity with the culture, which is evident in Jahaziel’s music. In addition, his upbringing in multi-cultural London has enabled him to bring a fresh approach to music. Unafraid to take risks, Jahaziel’s musical creativity have pushed parameters and generated a reputation as a pioneer. He is truly a unique and inspirational individual; an exciting artist who has captured the imagination of audiences and caught the attention of the music world.

All these factors led to Jahaziel being nominated for a MOBO award in 2007 and winning two Oasis awards in 2006; Best Male and Best Holy Hip Hop Artist. It proved to be a pivotal year as he also featured on ‘The New Sound of Gospel’ album, his first official release. Jahaziel’s first track ‘You Got Yours’ can be found on the compilation which features some of the very best in US & UK contemporary Gospel music. This proved Jahaziel as an instrumental part of the developing diverse sound of gospel music and created international exposure on a new level.

Through a process of experience and development, he has been on a personal and musical journey which has consequentially caused him to produce world-class material. Showcasing his advanced lyricism, the incredible ‘Ready To Live’ has broken moulds and set new standards in the gospel genre, the worldwide Hip Hop scene and music as a whole. Jahaziel is on the verge of going global to a new level.


Written by Maya Simeon
All rights reserved.



Ready to Live


You Got Yours feat. Melody of Nu Soul (Also featured on Sony BMG's New Sound of Gospel Compliation)


Ready to Live
In My Neighbourhood (Released May 08)


In My Neighbourhood (Released May 08)

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Set List

A 20-25 minute set will consist of upto 5 songs.

A 60 minute set will consist of upto 12 songs.

My Redeemer
Til Ya Crown Comes
God Love
Keep It Hot
Nobody's Fool
Makings of Me
In My Neighbourhood
You Got Yours
Help Me God
Father I Turn