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Jah Blessed

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JahBlessed is the future of Christian Hip Hop. Staying true to the word of life and to hip hop format; Jah can serve something new to the Christians while even making the unbeliever compeled to listen through his delivery and sound. Jah is perfect for outreach events to an saved and unsaved crowd.


From the age of 13 Jerrell Devane (aka Jah Blessed) realized he was a talented songwriter. His lyrics came in the form of poetic, rhythmical verses that easily translated into a hip hop format and delivery. After becoming a Christian Jah had a greater passion to develop himself as a MC for the Lord. Joining various groups and performing during his early years gave him the lessons and experiences he would need to eventually follow God's calling to desire a full time ministry as a recording artist.


- First Things First The MixTape (2008)

- Currently working on 'The Art of Life' (LP)

Set List

Typical set list includes: Pause - I Am - Bringing Hip Hop Back