Jah Catalyst Sound

Jah Catalyst Sound


Reggae / Dub outfit which combines live mixing of up to 24 tracks (we move a whole studio onto the stage) with live vocals and instruments. Styles range from original roots to modern digital. Easy to move, set up and quality guaranteed.


Jah Catalyst Sound combines a 24 track studio and the mixing skills of Don Fe with 2 of the most talented voices in today's reggae scene; Prince Jamo and Zacheous Jackson.

Born in Northern Ireland, Don Fe has been playing music since 4 years old. At the age of 14 he discovered recording studios, and for the last 20 years he has based his own recording studio in SE Spain. As well as an award winning producer with Pulpo Negro Records (Second, Renochild, Blue Alien's Temple) he also plays percussion, melodica, bass paino and flute, though on stage he is almost always found behind the mixing desk taking care of mixing 24 tracks live, with a heavy dose of phasers, reverbs and delays.

Prince Jamo, Birmingham born singer, songwriter and producer started his career at the age of ten. First group at the age of thirteen playing the drums then went onto singing until he joined his brothers group at the age of seventeen. Ruff Neck Trilogy included Bonzo and King Stanley and was born out of the sound of Reggae. Membership later increased when they were joined by CFax and Scotty both hailing from Warwickshire sound systems. R.N.T hit the road in 1992 until the group were signed in 1996 by Erskine Thompson to London Records and Sony Publishing. When R.N.T went their separate ways Jamo formed Blackrose Projects (a label and production outfit) and in 2008 met Don Fe at the Granada International Reggae Festival along with Zacheous Jackson, and Jah Catalyst Sound was born.

London born Zacheous was just 15-years old when his mother took him home to Jamaica to get to know his heritage and his country and spend time with his family in Kingston, Darliston, Mobay and the beautiful Negril, Red Ground area home to powdery white beaches and warm seas. And it was here he discovered the Reggae music, which is the heartbeat of the island. His works, always conscious in their essence, have had airplay in places such as the land of his heritage his native Jamaica, the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland just to name a few and his works has been reviewed in the BEAT US Reggae Magazine also by UK Reggaeguide.

As both Prince Jamo and Don Fe have their own recording studios, the arsenal of tracks they possess is amazing and can pass through virtually any style, from rocksteady to steppers, always with their own personal touch, yet firmly based in the tradtitions of a huge variety of roots sounds including people such as King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Dennis Brown, Barry Brown, Horace Andy, Lee Perry and many many more.

What clearly sets them apart from any other typical sound system / vocal based reggae act, is their abu¡ility to adapt the mixes LIVE. We carry 24 tracks live for almost all our tracks, so can adapt each song perfectly to each type of public. We have performed in small jazz bars and international festivals always being able to adapt and offer 100% satisfaction for all involved.

Apart from this, Jah Catalyst Sound is an extremely versatile unit which due to it's set up easily fits into all travel arrangements, making overseas or long distance concerts / festivals an easy option.


Jah Catalyst tracks can be streamed from www.myspace.com/jahcatalystsound where you can also see various videos of shows.

Set List

A Jah Catalyst Set can range from 1 hour to 4 hours and can include either all original material or a certain ammount of covers, including artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown etc etc