singer judah/jah children band

singer judah/jah children band


"Singer Judah" Very powerful artists, with a great voice and Jah Children Band the stars that makes you shake your feet to the beat, are here with their "Message for the World"album, featuring Singer Judah & Jah Children giveing you that Root Reggae flavor that the people love.


"Singer Judah & Jah Children Band"
the artist Singer Judah has been singing with Jah Children from 1981. Singer Judah sings roots reggae music, his songs is inspiring & relaxing to any one who listens.

Singer Judah and Jah Children Band offer a generous 17- tracks of original material on Message for the World (RM). This five piece sets up a grove reminiscent of the Wailers circa Survival and offers conscious Reggae songs like I an I was born¨ Pirates in the city¨ and Life is a mystery.¨ A very professional sound wraps these songs of Thanks and praises cut at Zero Tolerance studio.¨ By Chuck Foster / Beat Magazine.

Rastafari teaching is the big influence that help to set us apart to create music that will last a life time..Thanks and praises.


Message for the world is the new album of Singer Judah & Jah Children Band,

Earlier release includes Inspiration Giver¨ a demo cassette of five songs with the dub version on the flip side (1990).

Got To Go Back Home¨ a tribute to the late Blacka-T, Montreal twelve tribes DJ and member of Jah Children band and Brother to Singer Judah who had died.

"The Message in the Dub" release by Moss Man
ten songs from "Message for the world" album in Dub

Singer Judah has!

Two single with Montreal techno DJ, Fred Everything

Couple a tracks with Moss Man,

Few track on the "Hotter than Congo pepper" label
at Zero Tolerance studio.

Couple a new tracks on the "Montreal Jazz /Blues plus" album (one of the track on "Eye For An Eye" has Montreal reknown Vick Vogule

Singer Judah and jah Children have over fifty plus songs in their catalogue.

Set List

I and I was born, Inspiration giver, Message for the world, Third world people, Only you jah, Many come say, Pirates in the city, Reggae rock, Daddy is gone to war, As the world turns, Mr Babelon, Jah love ire, Give thanks. 45m to an 1h of show--of original music-----a little RAP/ R&B an SOUL and other Reggae artist.