Jah Doctrine

Jah Doctrine

 Nassau, New Providence, BHS

Reggae/Dancehall with significant Hip Hop/Rap influence.


D.O.C.T.R.I.N.E. The band included members Massyka of Kingston, Jamaica, and Vicky of Freeport, Grand Bahama. The group achieved some local success, however by 2004 Devlyn decided to continue pursuing a solo career. He renamed himself 'Jah Doctrine' ; music inspired by the word of God. Under his newly formed independent Record label Dat Giddy Records, Jah Doctrine helped to release an underground album titled SugaHill Uncut with producer J. Peppa from Nigeria. The album featured a number of producers and artists, including past group members Vicky and Massyka, Zed from Kingston, Jamaica, Tew Tone of Top Contendaz, and Pin Point Ent. out of Alabama USA. In 2005, some of the solo tracks from SugaHill Uncut were later released on his Debut album as Dawon Stubby titled 'Dat Giddy' released in the spring of 2005. Dat Giddy recieved significant reception heralding the emergence of a unique talent with much promise.

Look out for Jah Doc's upcoming album 'Echoes of History' scheduled for a 2007 release. Jah Doctrine feels very strongly about his music, and the message he is sending while earnestly creating a new sound on local and international music scene!!

Rachel Jones, P.U.R.E V.I.B.E.Z magazine.



Campus Groove Recordings (Compilation) 2004
SugaHill Uncut (Compilation) 2004
St. Cloud Rocks (Compilation) 2005
Dat Giddy 2005
Echoes of History 2008

Set List

4 songs/20 minutes
6 songs/30 minutes

8-15 songs/1 Hour