We play all types of music in the world music genre, specializes in reggae. Afro caribbean influence. Hip, fresh new sounds


we came from different parts of the Globe, Dominica, England, Haiti, America. each with different vibes and influences. we put it all together and came up with something different and unique




Such is my love, it's true and unselfish.
Such is my love it's real an unselfish.
Such is my love it.s free and unselfish,
oh such is my love.
It's so high ou can't get over it.
so low you cant get under it.
So wide you can't get around it.
oh such is my love.

Such is that Empress love it's so boom
Such is that Empress love clear the room
Such is that Empress love coming soon
Make me pop it up like baloon and make me zoom (repeat)

woman mash it up, you know how to move and kak it up.
you have the credentials to back it up.
with a hydrolic drill, man i'll drill it up.
make me back it up,make me do it up

woman when you wine you shine, shine, shine
and when you move you make my boby just get in the groove ( repeat)
your body movements put this thing on my mind
you moving fast take you time
In this groove every thing will be fine
two of us together combined

(repeat chorus)

Jahlee/ kochie banton


One of our many tracks that are making some noise on radio especially in the caribbean is a finalist in the (ISC) international song writing competition 2006. " SUCH IS MY LOVE"