Jah Mason

Jah Mason


Cultural Reggae & Dancehall Music. My style & lyrics representes the modern cultural reggae-music from jamaica. My music is all about my daily life with his struggles, love, my believe in Rastafari & the joy I feel thru music.


Born on a beautiful november-morning 1974 in the parish of Manchester/ Jamaica, "Andrae Corey Johnson“ was truly blessed with musical talent. He raised from a family that has allways been involved with the extrem livly & colorfull jamaican music-scene.
But it was not his well-known familymember "Tony Rebel“ who first recorded this young juvenile... it was formar Black Uhuru Singer Junior "One Blood“ Reid in 1991 for his own Label "JR Productions".
After several years promoting his name (starting with Stagename "Perry Mason“ changing into "Jah Mason“) via the very active jamaican 7 Inch Single-Market, he reached to international fame with songs like "Hard Mama Work“, "Money“, "Cool with the Fire“ & "Run come Love me tonight“, a combination with his close friend Jah Cure for Beres Hammonds "Harmony House Label“.
In 1997 Jah Mason got the opportunity for his first tour in europe with Tony Rebel. Several Shows in USA, Caribbean & the UK followed...
In 1998 Jah Masons first Album called "Keep your Joy“ was released, after having a well respected Hit with the Single-Release of that Song.
In the following two years 3 more Albums entiteld "Most Royal“ (Jah Warrior Rec./ UK), "Surprise Dem“ (Vikings Rec./ JA) & "Unlimited“ (ReggaeVibes/ USA) were released.
In 2002 Jah Mason released the outstanding concept-album "Never Give Up“ together with israelian producer Danny P. Kark & the jamaican Label "Kariang Records“. He performed this album all over europe, the USA and exotic places like Israel or Sicily.
During the next years Jah Mason continuisly toured all over the world, released a next Album called "Rise“ with a french Label in 2004 and established himself more and more as one of the Top- Performer on the worldmap of reggae.....
In 2005 Jah Mason got his first Number 1 on the jamaican Charts. The Song "Princess Gone“ stayed on No. 1 for over three weeks, reached Number 2 on the US Reggae Charts and hit No. 3 on the British Reggae Charts.
After perfoming this huge Hit all over the world Jah Mason, Rising Sun & VP-Records released the Album "Princess Gone/ The Saga Bed“ in May 2006.
This album elevated Jah Mason Name in the reggae industry to another level and lead him to a very succesfull year 2006.
In September 2006 Greensleeves Records released a next Jah Mason Album called "Wheat & Tears“


Inite the People

Written By: Andrae Corey Johnson

Who´s gonna inite the people,
from all this war and this evil.
Let´s think about our children,
so much trouble and problem.

1. Verse:
Like the colors of the rainbow, we so pressues,
love is the answer, why living suficious.
World-police we done know you, we have u suspicious, we ago squeeze out the truth out of them like citrus.
Work for what we want, we so ambitious.
Steels & kill, them live malicious, we bun the pope, now we nah save the bishop- why?
Dem a di root , dem a di stam and dem covicious, only war and death dem wish us.

2. Verse
Drop your arms & your weapons, come fight with word-sound.
I be standing their, we all falling, all going down, for a purpose, dem never listen fi me sound.
Well stick nah stone can not break my bone, can´t pass river jordan, the wicked ago droughn.
I will be doing Jah Work abroad and home, word-sound lick them harder then stone.


Keep your Joy 1998 (Ghetto Technology/ USA)
Most Royal 1999 (Jah Warrior Rec./ UK)
Unlimited 2000 (ReggaeVibes/USA)
Surprise Dem 2001 (Vikings Rec./ Jamaica)
Never give up 2002 (Kariang/ Israel/ Jamaica)
Rise 2005 (On the Corner/ France)
Princess Gone 2006 (VP Records/ USA)
Wheat & Tears 2006 (Greensleeves/ UK)

Set List

Setlist & lengh of the shows varietes between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Depends on the occation.
Normal tracklist for Bandshow & Soundsystemshow:

1. Life
2. Wheat & Tears
3. Keep your Joy
4. Break Free
5. Run come love me
6. Princess Gone
7. Cry over you
8. Loving you for so many Reasons
9. Burning Love
10. Most High
11. Farmerman
12. Mama Earth
13. Mi Chalice
14. Cool with the Fire
15. Smoke
16. Hill Vibes
17. Let me life my life
18. Burn them down
19. Slice Dem Off
20. Lion Look
21. Inite the People