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I am a Reggae Artist with diversity. Although my genre is Roots and Dance hall Reggae, I also tap into and sing Hip-Hop and Latin. I collab with other artist to bring different sounds and cultures together. The Potomac Newspaper described my music being like a nice summer breeze on a hot summer day


Jah’Nette, Jah’ to her friends and artists, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am very proud of my multicultural background and heritage. I am Puerto Rican, Carribean Indian, mixed with African American decent. Since she could remember, Jah’ has always loved to sing, perform and choreograph. Growing up in New York was not very easy for her, not because of its stereo type, but because it was hard to live a dream even having the privileges of a middle class family did not detour the struggle for the good things in life.
Jah'Nette's upbringing was quite a contrast from that of TV’s Melrose place or Beverly Hills 90210. “I had to deal with all real life at such a young age,” she confesses. With nowhere to turn, she found solace in music. “I just listened to music, and it changed my world. It took me out of my mind state into another realm,” she explains. Music opened up a whole new world for her, a girl who followed, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Latin music. And whenever she wanted to escape from her not-so-pleasant environment, she listened to artists who sang things she could feel. Now drawing from musical influences in Reggae music, Jah'Nette categorizes herself as an artist with diversity but with a unique look and sound that is street-inspired yet still commercially viable, as a feisty Latina. She is DMV's truest hottest blend !