music that aligns with rights of reality, governed by spirituality


JAH-N-I is a band that carries a multicultural sound that uplifts the divinity in ones person. To the state of mind that is peace with in, not an illusion state but the state of reality. In which all things must return to the realm of truth. The truth is spoken in the lyrics with a spiritual revolutionary sound. That will not be or can't be refused by one or the masses. All will feel the energy of this sound Ra-eye's ing the God in them.


JAH-N-I has shared musical trances with ones like The Wailers, Midnite, Sista Carol, Freddie Mcgeroy, Norris Man, Up-lifters, The Bubblers and many More


New release
Debut CD
Rastafai Love
Airplay : WERS 88.9 FM, Choice Radio 102.9 FM, Radio Continentale 102.1 wwwradiocontentale.com,
WQAR 101.3 FM World Rythms, Creation Steppin Radio www.creation-steppin.com

Set List

Set list is about 2.5 hour
We start with opening Bass player
Horace reid : thousand , River jordan , Hanging chads

Then lead singer Jahriffe : Time or the hour , walking dub, JAH-N-I , Food , Love Life , One way,
Africa Wombman

Pass it over to back up singer Dinquinesh: Daughter Zion , Sunny days, Ra eyes's, Rastapeople

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