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"Rastafari Love"

Voice of the Red Sea 102 FM, Israel
Date: 2006-03-03 07:44:39

In the case of Reggae music, unlike that of rock for example, "easy listening" is not a degrading term, and for veterans such as I it is not very usual to meet a good album that require more than first listen to be recognized as such. In the case of "Rastafari Love" however, that exactly what happened. Though it was not suspected even one bit to be "bad stuff" still it took me several rounds to fully appreciate it. The truth is that each time I play it I like it more. Positive vibes, conscious lyrics, tight riddim, unusual nuanced vocalist (are you African-born, rasta?), what more could one ask for? These days, when reggae-true-home-land is no more a center for the creation of roots style, and when too many amateur groups find it easy enough to record and disseminate their stuff world-wide, convincing projects such as "Rastafari Love" becomes of a greatest importance. The album was titled "album of the month" in my program and was played intensively. I will be more than happy to be informed about any future release by JAH-N-I. Peace and love! - Voice of the Red Sea 102 FM, Israel

"A fresh wind from Jamaica fills Evos Arts"

Evos art intuition Thursday night reggae JAH-N-I live "Smell of incense and the vibration of spiritually cleansing music.." - Lowell Sun

"Hurricane Ivan Benefit Concert"

The bill was a mix of heavy hitting local roots reggae such as Igina and JAH-N-I and gospel reggae performers such as George Banton and Linden Beckford. - Boston Globe

"CD Review - Rastafari Love - JAH-N-I"

Album: Rastafari Love
Artist: Jah N I
Label: High Hopes
Reviewer: Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5

Hafi seh this, Man never hear about them. But I can tell yuh fi sure, in I man dem a find a lifetime listener! A BRILLIANT album!

This day, the 12th of november at 9.00 pm they are performing at The Lions Den, 214 Sullivan street, New York. Fi promote dis ya new album!

Man,...do I wish I could have been there! But instead,I am here inna Holland wishing that everything will be Irie fi dem ,...Have a good gig, Jah Bless yuh all!!!

Yuh really an truly hafi check dis ya one Jah people, ...such an surprising full album I haven’t heared fi a long time! Would love to hear more a dem inna di future, an I ’m sure I will! And not only I, but di whole a Jah Jah blessed Earth. Bless

I Jahlive I

P.S. If yuh have been there,...please let mi know what you’r expiriance whas,...would love to hear how it whas. Bless yuh all! - DreadVibration


New release
Debut CD
Rastafai Love
Airplay : WERS 88.9 FM, Choice Radio 102.9 FM, Radio Continentale 102.1 wwwradiocontentale.com,
WQAR 101.3 FM World Rythms, Creation Steppin Radio www.creation-steppin.com



JAH-N-I is a band that carries a multicultural sound that uplifts the divinity in ones person. To the state of mind that is peace with in, not an illusion state but the state of reality. In which all things must return to the realm of truth. The truth is spoken in the lyrics with a spiritual revolutionary sound. That will not be or can't be refused by one or the masses. All will feel the energy of this sound Ra-eye's ing the God in them.


JAH-N-I has shared musical trances with ones like The Wailers, Midnite, Sista Carol, Freddie Mcgeroy, Norris Man, Up-lifters, The Bubblers and many More