Once described as a "...breath of fresh air," Jahnre is taking its hold on the Salt Lake City music scene. With a devoted following, a fresh EP, and an album in the works, it seems that nothing can hold this band back; take a listen and you'll agree. With their diverse style and unique feel, they will take you to a place you've never visited before, breaking musical, and cultural gaps in the process. Ever gigging and with the new EP on iTunes, there is no excuse not to check them out. Go ahead, share the music. Peace and Love...

Set List

Black Jack
Doubt It
Dried Vine
Porcelain Drug
Kuckoos Nest
These Are Problems
More to come...
Set length average 45 min
Longest Set was two hours at Snowbird UT
We rarely play covers
Waiting in Vain-Bob Marley-Cover