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Jah Nyne's music is music to encourage and uplift humanity and at the same time entertain. The music deals with everyday experience and challenge that one may face. The positive sound resonates through the atmosphere that captivates listeners. His music is also music all age can enjoy.


Inspired to sing Roots Reality music Jah nyne has risen as an Artist to recon with. No doubt he has proven to be a audience pleaser as he grace the stage and satisfy the people with his God given talent. Influenced by Reggae legend Bob Marley Jah Nyne has performed at numerous venues throughout his native country the Bahamas. Also Inspired by his father who was a lead guitarist of a band called the intruders that played at different venues through the Bahamas. Jah Nyne has through the passage of time prepared himself to take his music to audiences across the globe on an International and proffessional level. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome one of the newest and hottest talents to have ever risen out of the Bahamas and his name is "Jah Nyne"


Spread some love

Written By: Sean Rolle

spread some love,unno beter spread some joy all over the earth ya ,world,

Love is the order of the day,
I-nI- dont care what no babylon go say,
I-n-I deh trodding on the kings, highway,
and dutty babylon cant lead i astray no day,
love in i heart bust out like river, serious something,
hungry pickney pon street go start feeding,
clothes pon back and shoes pon feet is what dem needing,
speeches of the Emperor go start reading,
positive vibration alone you'll be recieving,
good over evil thats what we believe in,
rasta door is open for theocratic reasoning,
weak heart conception fi get a beating,
deh pon jah plantation food is what we're reaping.

only wicked resent the teachings of love,
we must embrace her like a love one with a hug,
filled with her spirit obstacles we'll rise above,
so it is,so it will be and so it ever was,
turn on jah love light and it will illuminate,
abandone covetiousness,forget about hate,
in Selassie I work be sure fi partake,
if you continue to render evil you've made a mistake,
who believe that love is on the brink of extinction,
must be a 40 ounce bottle of white rum dem been drinking,
ghetto youths and love is having a big conference meeting,
two forces merge, one mind we are thinking.

Now that we know love we have to express,
its not for praises of men but through the almighty bless,
every achievement is acompanied by a test,
the hardest battle victory is sweetest,
me bless african kings and all empress,
me bless african prince and all princess,
dem sight the rise of i-n-i and now the heathen dem vex,
dem say see dem gwan so dem think say dem perfect,
better a little righteousness than plenty wickedness,
remember there beats a heart in every mans chest,
helping another is an act of kindness,
never neglecting your sister is an act of worship.


Spread some love and in the name of jah are two singles i have released earier this year.

Set List

Jah Nyne has singles such as:

1 in the name of jah

2 spread some love

3 keep on trodding on

4 I'll never loose my faith

5 I've got my mind on jah

6 oh mama

7 love jah

8 its growing

9 what is going on

10 its a long way

11 i need your love

12 let my people go

13 I'm a lion

14 how do you feel?

15 some people sell out dem soul

16 Zion is a wonderfull place

17 Rastafari on the frontline

18 Behold the conquering lion

19 world leaders

20 fyah