A fusion of Urban Electronica and futurama Pop. Music so different yet so familiar! Vibes that our parents might simultaneously and surprisingly listen to. Based on true-life scenarios and personal experience this is electronic soul, Nu-Jazz and Trip-hoppity fun at its best!


JahOfYork, a true vocalist at heart, began nurturing his gift of singing at the age of 12. Through dedication and perseverance, JahOfYork developed constructive vocals and lyrics to fill your ears with bold, soothing soul-sounds. Based on true-life scenarios and personal experiences, JahOfYork undoubtedly bangs speakers, eases, and pleases to keep you tuned!

Born in the region of the Bronx on New Years Eve, JahOfYork was raised in New York City. As rare as it may sound, this American of African descent and Antillean heritage, was adopted at the tender age of three, and welcomed into the home of a loving Puerto Rican mother, Dominican father, and their three children.

In his earlier years, he sang for the CityKids Repertory Company, which is known for their collaborations with Disney, Jim Henson and the American channel, Nickelodeon. He has trained with New York's Harlem School of the Arts, and received private lessons from the coach of America's Making The Band 4. In summer 2000, his choir won a first place title in the McDONALD'S U.S.A. NATIONAL GOSPEL COMPETITION. Later that same year, JahOfYork was a principle voice in the Millennium tour celebration in Italy, from which the DVD All-Star Christmas - From the Vatican (2004) derived.

JahOfYork's aunt Jacci McGhee, who provided the original duet vocals in Keith Sweat's "Make It Last Forever" and SaltNPeper's "Expressions", always provided him with words of inspiration as a vocalist from day one. His other influences stem from deep roots in Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin and Nu-Wave Electronica...classic sounds like Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson and newer movements like J*Davey, Eric Roberson, Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Ryan Leslie.

Since 2005, JahOfYork has been constructing an intricate musical endeavor between his hometown and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All of his own original songs have been built up and developed with the support of Dutch and international musicians, singers, sound engineers, lyricists, and residents. Surprisingly, he was able to connect his personal experiences with a very contrasting yet, representative musical path. An electric experience of Pop, Nu-Jazz and Trip-Hop with a show-tuney ambiance. All written by JahOfYork and produced simply with his own drive, and international peers of equal vision. Every bit of his blood, sweat, tears and journey overseas is represented in his album project. Signed, sealed and delivered with care for those embracing Urban Electronica and fusion, the long-awaited "Stay Tuned" album and concept was digitally released in 2009. The project contains all of JahOfYork's own original works, lyrically, melodically and harmonically. Yes, every layered vocal IS his own!

Some might only know this New Yorker as a vocalist and performer, but some of you MAY have also seen him on MTVs Boiling Points playing an innocent trick on his bestfriend at a New York Delicatessen, some years back. Or perhaps in 2008 when he co-presented in a worldwide National Geographic documentary called Ultimate Taboo. A year later, his image was featured in an exhibition called ‘The Jump Project’ at the Melkweg Gallery; followed by yet another appearance in a promo-clip for the new and improved Heineken Experience Museum, both in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Following the release of "Stay Tuned", JahOfYork immediately got to work on his next project "Il Teknologie", which made its debut in 2010. This seven-track EP is a playful mix of Pop, Nu-Jazz and Electronic-Soul with a futuristic twist... Toying with the many dynamics of sound, JahOfYork uses different facets of technology to create a whole new experience that goes way beyond just music. With two tracks from his first project reconceptualized for this offering, "Il Teknologie" has the right amount of funk and the unexpected for the ultimate cosmic ascension.

“Stay Tuned...In the midst of all struggles and pursuits of happiness, stay tuned to yourself, your family, your God, hiphop, jazz and soul.” -JahOfYork


Stay Tuned LP (2009)

Current streaming/songs playing from this project are: Unexpected, Magic Touch, Need Fresh, Dispose Of Me, Top Of My Brain

Il Teknologie EP (2010)

Current streaming/songs playing from this project are: Funktional Love Feat. Ruchama, Nu Skool Fox

Set List

SET 1 (40-minutes each set...sets are tailored to client and event)

Demo Set below...

1 - Unexpected
2 - It Comes Back
3 - I'm Overloaded
4 - Autumn Leaves (Jah Solo)
5 - Confection Affection (Feat Shirley Spoor)
6 - Need Fresh (Ft Shirley Spoor & Jordy van Toornburg)
7 - Top Of Brain

If we do covers, they range within the Jazz, Soul, Rnb, Pop. arena.