Jah Polo

Jah Polo

 Long Beach, California, USA

Jah! Fellowship is a REGGAE Band with a conscious message. Founded in 2003 in the city of Long Beach, CA to become the hardest working reggae band and still setting the standard with their first self-titled album dropping November, 2009. Jah! Fellowship is bound for glory. Always Jam-in for Jah


Jah! Fellowship is a brotherhood of men working together towards the same goal, to spread the word of the Most High Jah! Since August of 2002 these diversely talented musicians have performed all over southern and northern California. Opening for the Irvine Reggae Festival, Jah! Fellowship paved the way for Detour Posse, Shinehead, and Inner Circle. Jah! Fellowship can be seen performing in Long Beach at the Blue Cafe, The Cellar, Rhythm Lounge, The Vault 350, Prospector, Que Sere and DiPiazza's. In Orange county at King Neptune's, the Beach Fire, Blue Agave, Malones, and numerous other venues including LA's Temple Bar, Knitting Factory, Malibu Inn and BB Kings.
This vibrant band has opened for many artist including Andrew Tosh(son of Peter Tosh), Julian Marley(son of Bob Marley), Norris Man, Yami Bolo, Midnite and the legendary Abyssinians. As well they have been blessed to back up artist such as Paul Higgs (son of the legendary Father of Reggae Music, Joe Higgs), Isaac Haile Selassie, and Rankin' Joe.
Utilizing the diverse cultural backgrounds within the group, Jah! Fellowship reaches a wide range of listeners, touching hearts to share the love and vibration that reggae promotes. The crunch of a vintage Hammond organ supports the deep sundering bass and explosive drums, while the trombone, sax, trumpet and flute blend together forming a rich shimmering sound and an irie vibe that fills the soul.
With hit songs like "Pray", "Same Family", and "Something Irie" It is no coincidence that this bands roots are "Root" reggae. Combine the energy of Dancehall and Ragga, with the hart and soul of African rhythms, the uniqueness of Jazz concepts and the ability to translate deep spiritual truths into songs of freedom and you have Jah! Fellowship.
Praises to the Head Creator Jah! Rastafari, for it is by his grace and love that we are blessed with the ability to create, love and share.
With the soon to be released self titled album Jah!Fellowship, (co-produced in part with dub master "Scientist"), the band plans to start promotions in their home town of Long Beach and spread the music state wide and the international community as well. We pray the your event will be a part of that vision.

Jah Love and Blessings.



Set List

Jah! Fellowship's typical set list consist of Cover song from artist like Bob Marleu, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Aswad, Black Slate and many more.

1. Jah Fist or Fury
2. Sudan
3. Come Together As One
4. Time Is Gliding on
5. Foundation
6. Something Irie
7. Love Makin
8. Same Family
9. Bottomless Pit
10. Roller Coaster
11. Woman Get of the Streets
12. Hear Dem Crying
13. 60 Day Notice
14. Vegetarian
15. Hear My Prayer/Hear My
16. 12 Tribes

Jah! Fellowship has 13 set list that are 45-1hr long