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It is truly a blessing when God gives you a gift or talent. It’s what we do with that gift that allots us the reward of becoming infamous.

Introducing JAHSPA. With reggae artist like Midnight, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration and Jacob Miller on the horizon bringing conscious reggae music to the front, JAHSPA brings his own blessed vibe to the reggae scene. With his smooth baritone voice he captivates everyone that is around him or within ear shot of his velvet voice. The men say he is a blessed gift from God and the ladies love him with a trembling. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with him, taking you deep inside to get scoop on everything from his love of music to his love for God.

We are in Dainjamental recording studio in the heart of Brooklyn. JAHSPA is sitting dressed in all black, with his locks shiny and neatly styled, looking very sultry and humble. Staring at his note book and mumbling the lyrics to a few songs for his new album which will be released in 2007. For JAHSPA being an unsigned artist has allowed him several possibilities to venture into different directions with his music. So, you will hear, some praise styles, smooth love songs and even some battle field styles. But whatever you listening pleasure, you will be satisfied and blessed by this music.

Dani: Where were you born and at what age did you come to the US?
JAHSPA: I was born in the central region of Trinidad, it was so long ago I can’t remember where exactly. But, my family is from Central; I came to the US at the age of 16.

Dani: Tell us a little about yourself.
JAHSPA: Humm……You see I-man here, humble and quiet, just waiting for God to do His marvelous works in me. ‘Cause through I-man God’s works can be done. I believe He will use me to bring the word through out all this world and I would rather do God’s works while I’m young and can still fight for His name sake.

Dani: What does JAHSPA mean?
JAHSPA: It means sparing with Jah, asking Him for guidance and listening to Him about how to trod this road that He gave me.

Dani: Tell us about your family, your mom, dad, sisters, etc.
JAHSPA: Well, humm…….my mom and I are great friends, she’s the best mom you can ask for, she’s very loving and compassionate. I love my mother. And even though she in Trinidad I still feel her every vibration, that’s how close we are. My dad (shaking his head and looking down) he was a great father to me, still would be if he was not caught up in an unforgiving life of drugs. Usually I don’t like to talk about him ‘cause it brings I-man deep sorrow in my heart to speak about him, and how he is now to this day. But, humm……..boi I love him still, you know? I have 2 older sisters (Esther and Carla) that support me no matter what, they both always have my back and I’m there for them also. I still get a little homesick when I think about my family being in Trinidad. But God knows everything. And everything in a timing.

Dani: Tell us about your love for music and when it started.
JAHSPA: My father was the 1st person to introduce to music at the age of 5. He had a small tape deck and I peed in it (smiling) he said “you can keep that music box cause you will be great friends with music, so go on and always keep music in your heart” and I’ve been studying music ever since then.

Dani: Cannabis is your 1st single what inspired you to write that song and why did you make it your single?
JAHSPA: First things first I was inspired by the high grade meditation, and we all know that the system always try to demote the Herb so I-man just revealing some facts. The reason its my first single is to show the system that cannabis is and always will be a great asset to our culture because it provides medicine clothes food and shelter for all Jah children, but yet still they give us liquor to drink and tell us that herbs that Jah made from the earth is an illegal substance. But when we meditate on it we all know the truth. Fire foh dem.

Dani: You have a great love and respect for God where does that stem from?
JAHSPA: Wow, I can talk all day about God and his love for me, how he protects and guides me. For me there is no life without God. I have no reason to live if I can’t serve and obey Him. You see that is the only reason that we were created, to do God’s works. So I would leave everything and everyone behind to do whatever God has planned for my life.’ Cause it’s not what you do in this life that counts it’s what you do in the next.

Dani: So what will be your next single and how soon can we expect its release?
JAHSPA: Ahh….…I think the next single will be ‘The Prayer’. It’s a song I got in a vision, I never put it on paper, its about God’s upliftment coming through my mother for all the children in the ghetto, cause you know we all need guidance from God.

Dani: Which artist influenced you and your style of music?
JAHSPA: I like the styles of Burning Spear, Jah Cure, Israel Vibration and Midnite to name a few. But, I can really v