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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Ohm Speaks...You Read"

For the past eight years, the two have been paying dues in the local hip-hop scene, doing live performances, and sometimes hosting hip-hop nights at such venues as the Mason Jar on 24th Street and Indian School, Sky Lounge in downtown Phoenix, and Thursday night's Blunt Club on Baseline Road and the 101 freeway.
By: Daps Givens - Salted Magazine, Vol.1 Issue 1, 10,2006

"Hollywood Alley's thicker than super-chunky Skippy as the Crown City Rockers help celebrate Blunt Club's birthday"

MC Ohm is on the mic spittin faster that Chi-towner Twista. I'll be damned if Ohm doesn't resemble a darker version of Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara of the wacky Aum Shinrikyo "Supreme Truth" Buddhist sect. Of course, I doubt the sarin-gas lovin' Asahara has the kinda flow that Ohm boasts. - New Times author Stephen Lemons June 1-7,2006


The Gift, A Day In The Life, Industry Mercenaries,
Open Yous Eyes are streaming on my myspace page. www.myspace.com/ohm


Feeling a bit camera shy


Extremely eclectic with a thirst for knowledge and understanding that will never be quenched is the best way to describe Ohm. Ohm deals with real life topics from the path less travelled using next level choices in poetry and rhythms.

Begining with Abstrakt Organix in 2001 which of consisted of 3 turntablists with Ohm handling center stage they pressed a solid dent in the local hip-hop community. Putting out 2 albums, one a table based project and the other the traditional beats and rhymes concept layed the ground work for Ohm as an artist. The seed was planted. Branching off into a solo endeavor later lead into meeting up with Avenue Of The Arts.

OhM's current outlook on the present status of music (hiphop 2 be specific) is not one of judgemental opinion, but more like never forgetting where u came from and all the hardwork it took u to get 2 where u are or are trying 2 go, and all the run-on sentences in this paragraph... "it's the 3 P's: PERSERVERANCE, PATIENCE, POSITIVITY" Jah Rastafari!!!

As of now I am currently in a crew named JAHTOOLS. We push conscious hip hop to the fullest.

Ohm has performed and toured along side artists such as: Scarub [Living Legends], 2mex [Visionaries], Bus Driver [Project Blowed], LMNO [Visionaries], Writers Block [Visionaries], Blackalicious, Murs [Living Legends], Lyrics Born [Quannum], ShapeShifters [Project Blowed], Fat Jack [Project Blowed], Pigeon John, Mr. Brady [Battle Axe], Micah 9 [Freestyle Fellowship], Crown City Rockers, Batim [Slum Village], Wu-Tang Clan, Aesop Rock [Def Jux], Mr. Lif [Def Jux], Akrobatik [Def Jux], Sole [Anticon], Emanon [Ill Boogie], Zion I [Deep Water Slang], SA smash [Def Jux], Drunken Immortals [Universatile Music], Morse Code [Universatile Music] etc...reaching: California, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona and last but not least Bataan, Philippines.