RaStar featuring jAH WARRIORS

RaStar featuring jAH WARRIORS

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

JAH Warriors performs a showcase of original music produced & arranged by RaStar, in which he created a dynamic sound that is fused with Worldbeat, Roots, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Jazz, Funk Fusion.

RaStar's lyrics are propheticallly potent & soulfully people get up and dance when this band jams.


jAH WARRIORS are now available to perform at Private Parties, Restaurants & Bars, Conventions & Concerts. Please listen to music on this website that was produced and arranged by RaStar.

jAH WARRIORS originated in San Diego, CA in the early 90's with Marcus 'RaStar' Perkins as the band leader, vocalist, bassist. and keyboards. jAH WARRIORS now perform throughout the southeast, USA playing Worldbeat-Roots-Rock-Reggae-R&B-Jazz-Funk-Fusion Originals & Covertunes.

RaStar relocated to Atlanta GA and found a new crew of talented musicians to perform with the jAH WARRIORS, the jAHmerican Rasta Vibe and over the past 20 years, jAH WARRIORS featuring RaStar are still rocking and jammin in the southeast and we're always ready set this world on fire!


Genesis to Revelations CD PROJECT / SHOWCASE Continues!

2011-03-20 ready to rock the world!

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Set List

We perform a non-stop show......1st SET= Changing Times, SOULjAHs, NO Mission Impossible, oneGODoneDESTINY, Peace-N-Harmony, Beautiful Ladies, Prayer of Jabez, EXODUS, Genesis to Revelations, Give The Praises, Concrete Rivers, Daddy's Home, Let It All Go! Dem Gone Crazy, Come Along Posse, jAH Warriors, Don't Drive Drunk......1.5+ hours, SET 2= Various Covertunes.