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With an ecclectic mix of Hip Hop, Rock and R&B, JaicanDussCloud brings a blend of thought provoking and feel good music to your senses with a little sumpin' sumpin' we likes to call Rasta Hip-Hop.


Bred from a Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae background...JaicanDussCloud exhibits some of the finer qualities born of each one of these genres of musical styles.

Using this diverse musical mix, JaicanDussCloud has managed to rise above the general "classifications" and "labels" set upon most modern day artists.

Sporting a history of working with various Hip-Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop groups, JaicanDussCloud has been a shining presence in the music industry for the better half of his life.

With the unique ability to "move the crowd" regardless of cultural or ethnical differences, JaicanDussCloud is ready to bust the musical world wide open with a little sumpin', sumpin' he likes to call Rasta Hip-Hop.

Ready or not, be prepared to enter a brand new world with no barriers and no holds barred...

Be prepared to be soothed, smoothed, and at the same time ripped apart by the sometimes mellow and always hardcore zone known as...



"Witness O' Jah" the first solo drop is now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/jaican

Set List

1 - Callin' (3:11)
2 - Babylon 'Ave Fe Die (3:06)
3 - Dig It Out (3:22)
4 - Heartbreaker (3:57)
5 - Rip Out The Rage (3:40)
6 - I Never Knew (3:13)
7 - Wicked In A Bed (3:00)
8 - This World Is Mine (2:44)
9 - Likkle One (3:04)
10 - Witness O' Jah (4:05)
11 - Set Me Free (2:57)
12 - Down In A Hole (4:21)

A heart pounding hour of non-stop Rasta Hip Hop!