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Post by Yummy

What’s up everybody?
Now that the snow is over and the days are longer I can start coming back out of the house and experience the city. There were many events going on this weekend. Shouts out to my Flyest crew! We shut down The Cove on Friday with the Picses Party. I also got a chance to check out Karma’s 80’s Baby party. I rocked my door knocker earrings too!

Also this past weekend was the 14th Annual Hip Hop Expo. Columbus, if you love hip hop like I do, this is an event that you don’t want to miss next year. It’s a showcase of some of the city’s hottest talent hungry to get their shine on.


I knew it was gonna be a great night because the first person I saw when I walked in was my boy Dj Krate Digga. He was setting the vibe in what I called The Warm Up Room. There were b-boys break dancing and rappers sharpening their skills to get ready for The Main Events.

In the Main Room there were different booths set up to network vendors with different crews and to show off their specialties. All of the businesses were centered around hip hop. There were graphic desingers, beauty shops, rap crews, models and dancers. Jai Carey was on the stage when I finally got to sit down. They reminded me of The Roots Crew. When they sang Happy Birthday to BHB, I got chills. It was on some jazzy flyness. Even the Legendary Mix Master Ice was in the building to hit us with the old school hip hop.
I want to say thank you to BHB for providing Underground Columbus Hip Hop with a voice year after year. If you want to be involved in next year’s Expo, check out BHB4U.com. Hip Hop is Alive yall! Make sure you check out the Bow Wow dis on the freestye footage.

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2001 Mpact Players self titled independent release
2004 Cosmic Cookie compilation vol.3 released independently
2005 Infirmary Unit “Palladium” ep released independently through Breath of Fresh Heir
2006 Epochdemic Seraphic “Godz.gif_t” LP released independently through Breath of Fresh Heir
2007 Cosmic Cookie compilation vol.4 released independently
Numerous BHB Mix Tapes
Numerous DJ Krate Digga Sound Champs Mix Tapes

Awards and Accolades

2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Nominee People's
Choice Award
2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Nominee for Best Live
2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Columbus Showcase
2008 Ohio Hip Hop Expo Emcee Battle Champion
2007 Ohio Hip Hop Expo Emcee Battle Champion
2006 Midwest Hip Hop Showcase Emcee Battle Champion
2006 Ohio Hip Hop Expo Emcee Battle Champion
2006 International Songwriters Competition contestant (3rd round)
2005 Midwest Hip Hop Showcase Emcee Battle Champion
2005 Midwest Hip Hop Showcase Production Battle Runner up
2002 CAPAcity City wide Open mic Emcee Battle Runner up


Jai Carey a.k.a. Epochdemic Seraphic has performed with artist such as Groove Squad, Dj Drastic, Eddie Baer, Doctah X, Fatty Koo, for The Def Jam Poetry on Broadway Cast, S.P.I.R.I.T., Malik Yussef, BHB, Stretch Lefty, Foley, the Reviblest, Grand Buffet, Wicked Lung and the Wookalar, the Trailer Park Ninjas, Dove Ink, Chosin, K-Rigga, Dominique Larue, TY-RO, Tarae Nicole, LBX Productions, and more. He has performed at the Hip Hop Expo and Hip Hop showcase annually since 2002, as well as being a resident artist with the CAPAcity program since 2001 participating in Open mics, Oneness songwriting summits which features professional artist working with youth to create music to encourage racial unity, both as a participant and as a mentor. In 2007 he has performed at The Old National Road Day festival in Columbus, Oh, The Hi-5 club, COMFEST with Dr.X, Comfest with BHB aned Foley, Harley Davidson Company Family Day, The Columbus Riverfest 2007, Brownstone with Black Pearl Poetry, FESTAC Festival in Columbus, Ohio, The Dove ink Beat Battle with Chosin, Columbus Museum of Art, The Camp Fire Family Reunion at Wolfe Park, and the Good Neighbors Day Picnic in Columbus Ohio. His 2008 performances include Vet’s Memorial for first night Columbus, Martin Luther King Jr. Complex for the MLK day celebration, the Wexner Center, the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH, a member of the Transit Arts perfomance group, Columbus Riverfest 2008, United Way National Day of Action Columbus,Ohio 2008, Columbus Arts Festival 2008, Comfest with BHB and Foley, Hempfest 2008 with Stretch Lefty, With more performances to come.



Imagine KRS-One’s pro hip hop attitude, combined with the imagination of Stan lee, add a dash of Hitchcock’s ability to tell a story of suspense, a hint of sarcasm courtesy of a Dave Chapelle and a vocabulary of a mensa scholar and you would get the tip of the iceberg of Jai Carey's talent. The product of a lower class broken home, he was raised on hip hop, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, and a split between New York education and Columbus Ohio public schools. Evident in the creativity both within his writing and his freestyle ability, he has demonstrated on numerous occasion his willingness to go above and beyond the average lyricist by becoming the first person to ever win back to back emcee freestyle battle championships in the Ohio hip hop showcase and the Ohio Hip Hop Expo, as well the first person ever to win the Ohio Hip Hop Expo and the Ohio hip hop showcase in the same year. Crafting metaphors that exceed the expectations of the current hip hop community, and topics as creative as they are complex, Jai has elevated himself to stand apart from other rappers in his generation. With a smooth poetic delivery complimented by a constant changing rhythmic flow reminiscent of jazz scat, this one of a kind lyricist takes pride in combating poor lyricism through concepts that range from conscious awareness to scientific and mathematically calculated word play, but also provides a complete 180 with his catchy club songs riddled with punch lines that would quench the current dry spell in modern rap music. A self proclaimed student of the poverty class, he combines the tales of street merit via a Jay-Z or Nas, with the poetic style rarely seen in the music of our time that opens many roads of opportunity for this 26 year old wordsmith. Self taught in the art of production, he creates beats laced with heavy strings and piano, pounding bass lines, and drums that sound like they were Mike Tyson's fist in the late eighties, creating a distinct sound and delivering a total package when teamed with his on stage performance of insane antics and high energy. Many artist claim to be the future of hip hop music, but few can deliver on the level of the claim. Jai Carey is ahead of his time but definitely the presence of where hip hop is.