The Earthschilds
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The Earthschilds


Band Alternative Avant-garde


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The Children of Eve (cassette only - out of print)
For the 'aina - Songs of the Earthschild (CD)
Beyond Within (CD)
Sex and Violets (CD)
Sanctuary (CD)
OurStory (Rock Opera)

streaming and music excerpts: (Sanctuary) OceanSong - Once what If

and more ancient but still selling:



I sang the first words I ever spoke. I have performed on four continents since childhood: in halls, living rooms, schools, colleges, TV's, radios, for the pope, in gutters, for homeless folk, for the aged, for the newborn, for children, with children, for royalty (in the gutter with the homeless for a prince early one new year's morning!). I have condicted a choirs in a naval hearing, sing at political rallies and peace gatherings. I have played the lyre in council chambers and I have sung on eco-activist pirate ships, on mountain tops and by rivers, in countless seminars, conferences, tantric rituals, for the dying, for the dead, for the marrying, for those being born and in ancient and modern temples, churches, ashrams and mystery schools and at the edge of a live volcano. After 911 I composed a rock opera and toured it grassroots for 18 months as a one-woman show in the USA opposing the bombing of Iraq and promoting a peaceful healthy planet. I took a sabbatical recently to, get married, care for elders and write some completely new music. Playing in private for four to six hours a day, now we are returning to the world stage with a whole new sound.
I have had little relationship so far with the music industry. My ideals have dominated my artistic output. I am an edu-tainer although born an entertainer. I pretend to no commercial demographic. I write exactly as I am inspired. Uncompromising truth.
I am neither well known nor well-paid by commercial standards although I get letters from eastern Europe, India, the Australian outback and god-only-knows-where, thanking me for my 'life-changing' music. And when I give a concert, almost everyone in the hall buys CD's. I am well-loved by a tiny international crowd!
I have spent more seasons of life in nature and in silence than I have spent in civilization’s time zones.
And yet I have performed from New York City to LA; from Maui to Bali and from Woodford Folk festival to Byron Bay to South Australia. (Next stop the Antarctic!)
I am a voice for the earth and for lovers of life, truth and passionate freedom. I am deeply in love with my husband, David who adds pure rock and roll, excellent rhythm, new songs and great harmonies to the mix.
Together we offer a passionate new sound for a new era of living harmoniously on Planet Earth.