Jaik Miller Band

Jaik Miller Band


One of the best rock bands to emerge from NYC in recent years, internationally acclaimed JAIK MILLER BAND has a fresh take on a classic sound. Brilliantly crafted songs, soaring twin guitars, tight funky grooves, inspired vocals. Guests on TV's "MONK"; Ryan Adams & the Cardinals & Xanax 25 alumni.


Guitarist and songwriter/singer Jaik Miller has been a major presence in New York’s rock scene since the 90’s. His "wusscore" band XANAX 25 played with everyone from Son Volt and Me'Shell Nd'geocello to King Crimson and Dave Matthews Band. Jaik has written with Warren Haynes, Barry Reynolds, Oliver Ray [Patti Smith Band], Elijah Blue Allman's DEADSY and Sabina Sciubba [Brazilian Girls];

The JAIK MILLER BAND (JMB) has had several incarnations. Originally called TRUStY they played their first show at the NOLA Jazz and Heritage Festival in the spring of 2005. The TRUStY shows put "Multimedia Visionary Folk" on the map, attracting the attention of artists such as Alex Grey and Luke Brown.

In fall 2005 TRUStY did a short demo with Playmakers' Matt Stein (featuring guest appearances by Jonah Smith, JP Bowersock, Meghan Andrews and RAQ's Todd Stoops) and were quickly welcomed into the JamBand scene sweeping North America, appearing at such notable events as the Family Dog tribute to Chet Helms in Golden Gate Park and AT40 (a part of the 2005 Vegoose festival in Las Vegas Nevada. ) TRUStY appeared on the USA network's MONK program in summer of 2006 and won a sponsorship from New England's award winning STONE COAST BREWING COMPANY, becoming the poster children for the SCBC's 420 IPA....upon going national, they learned of another band called Trusty rather than endure a protracted legal fight they wore the short-lived moniker "Yama Bandit", playing at the world famous CBGB in the final weeks before it's closing.

After the most recent (and final) name change The Jaik Miller Band is now: Jaik (gtr/vox), Max Tucker (drums/vox), Garth MacAleavey (gtr/keys/vox) and new guitarist Bowersock (Bay Area superstar and longtime MacAleavey colleague Brian Murphey (bass). Never has there been such a a group of individuals that behaved so well as a single organism..... it was time for JAIK MILLER BAND to start paying their dues

In the winter of 2006-07 the JMB boys went to the Carriage House Studios in Stamford CT (the spot where records such as Pixies' "Doolittle" and Deftones' "Saturday Night Wrist" were made, as well as countless hit records by Diana Ross and Meatloaf among many other notable artists) with JP Bowersock (Strokes' "guru" and guitar player for Ryan Adams) in the producer chair. the album was recorded in an ol'skool rock 'n' roll style; many of the songs were captured live in the studio; "Furthermore" (a song Jaik attributes to the spirit of his friend and fellow songsmith, the late Chris Whitley) was recorded in mono, giving it an authentically gritty feel. the album is laced with unabashed homages to the boys' musical influences; from the pop-punk energy of "social disease" and "anything you don't want" to the psychedelic twang of "Orange Sunshine" which sounds like a lost track from the Grateful Dead's "American Beauty" sessions; from the Marley-esque "keep movin" to the straight ahead rock and roll of "4447" and "another good look"....the album's closer, a stripped-down take on their live powerhouse "There's a Whole World On Fire" has recently been included on "The Dream Is Valid"; Zaadz Visionary Music compilation volume one.

Of JMB , Bowersock has said, "The band is talented, tight and able to walk the line between a rock band and a jam band in a way few are able to." the album was mixed by super genius android (and folk city alum) Mark Dann and is peppered with performances by Dann (upright bass) Uncle Earl's Kristen Andreassen (harmonica) and the vocals of rising star Meghan Andrews.

JMB has jammed with members of Robert Randolph's Family Band, AC/DC , John Entwistle Band, Uncle Earl, RAQ, Blues Traveler, The Mammals and Los Amigos Invisibles . They have appeared with Fishbone, Tim Reynolds, Adam Dietch Project, Suzanne Vega, Murphy's Law, Richie Havens, DJ Logic, Sad Red, Eenor, Jazz Mandolin Project, David Gans, Eric McFadden Trio, Bassnectar vs. Kang, The Mutaytor, Ike Willis' Project/Object, Hunt Club, TRiM, Donna Jean, Easy Dub Allstars, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Vinyl, Bernie Worrell, Novillero, DJs Haj and Mikio (founders of Sub Swara and Freek Factory), Jen Durkin's Bomb Squad, Rahzel of The Roots, Strangefolk, Spin Doctors' Chris Barron and M1 (Dead Presidents) to name a few.
JP Bowersock - guitar
Garth MacAleavey - guitar/keyboard/vocals
Jaik Miller - lead vocals/guitar
Brian Murphey - bass/vocals
Max Tucker - drums/vocals


Jaik Miller Band (LP) - May 2008 - (truth movement media)

entire album streaming at www.jaikmillerband.net ; tracks also on ilike.com/garageband.com/bebo.com/WACBIZ.com

medium rotation on KMUD FM, rifradio.net, going for adds at college radio summer '08

Set List

JMB is a band that fits in very well at festivals and in the "Jam Band" scene. generally plays 1 long (90-100 minute) set or two set club shows.
Original songs in current repetoire:
another good look
it all comes out
Faceless (cowritten by Miller/Warren Haynes)
Sing This With Your Mind pt. 1
Your Kind of Fool
Impatient, Ain't Ya? (cowritten by Miller/BarryReynolds)
Little Seed Boogie
Love Your Enemy
Sweet Illumination
Shea (MacAleavey)
Social Disease
Orange Sunshine
The Air Up There
Hawaii 108
Keep Movin
There's a Whole World On Fire
After Last Call
One For Your World

our list of cover songs currently includes
songs by
Kings of Leon (taper jean girl)
Joni Mitchell (woodstock)
Police (so lonely)
Beatles (don't let me down)
Frank Zappa/Flo&Eddie (magic fingers)....
in the past we have done songs by Tool, Zep, Kinks, Toots & the Maytals, Jane's Addiction, James Taylor, LCD Soundsystem...