Jaime' Morton

Jaime' Morton

 Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Jaime' Morton is looking to sell songs, and/or for a publisher. As a previously touring nationally known singer songwriter, Ms. Mortons songwriting has won her high praises from David Wilcox, Dar Williams, Richie Havens, Garnet Rogers and others. She was won numerous songwriting contests.


Jaime' is a delightful guitarist, playing in obscure open tunings, with sawed off half capo's. Her style is saturated with extraordinary tugs, full of solid rhythms and unexpected twists, of chord and beat.
She is a refreshing lyricist. Spinning magic out of ordinary snapshots, a bike ride, a drive home, a one night stand.

Jaime' has been songwriting and performing since 1979, when she met David Wilcox (A&M recording artist) who became her musical mentor. other influences include listening to recordings of Joan Armatrading, John Martyn, Ricki Lee Jones, and classic motown.

"Jaime' has been an inspiration to me; she has taught me to sing from the True Place."
David Wilcox

"I would say that from listening to Jaime", that she is well on her way"
Patty Larkin

"I like her voice; it's bluesy, folky, punky....it's everything."
Richie Havens

"Jaime" has great, strong songwriting, impassioned singing, and she is truly a frightening guitarist, destined for greatness."
Garnet Rogers

"Jaime" is a soulful breath of fresh air. Original, intelligent songwriting and a gleaming presence makes her the definition of the new acoustic music."
Vance Gilbert

"Jaime" has always brought both groundedness and passion to her music. I predict that the next few years will be vintage performance years for Jaime""
Dar Williams

"A contender in the growing crowd of young, female singer-songwriters, Jaime" Morton has been praised by Patty Larkin, Richie Havens, and her former teacher, David Wilcox."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A one woman acoustic folk show....with passionate guitar playing and singing."
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Arlington TX

"An adventurous, top notch entertainer, Morton is a great guitarist, an ace. She has a bright, charming voice."
The Telegram Tribune, San Luis Obispo CA

"Jaime" Morton elicited comparisons to howling wolves for her bluesy vocal performance, and Joni Mitchell for her poetic take on introspective real life."
Dirty Linen Magazine

"An accomplished musician, able to leap from jazz to gospel in a single bound."
The Houston Press

"Her writing style is controversial, she finds extraordinary moments in ordinary days. Jaime" Morton has one of those voices, once you hear it you don't forget it."
Performing Songwriter Magazine










True Love

Written By: Jaime' Morton

The back door's open
I'm gonna try to sneak it in
I'm not saying that i understand it
Or even know what this thing is

When true love knocks on your back door
You just gotta let it in
When true love knocks on your back door
Don't be asking who it is...

All those secrets, they're gonna turn to so many lies
My sinners heart has been loved to death
And my sweetest smile has been past by
I'm not saying that i understand it
I'm not saying that anyone should try
If true love knocks on my back door
I'm gonna open up my eyes
If true love knocks at my back door
I'm gonna ask it to come inside

And all this madness,
Well, i swear its just a game
Trying to sneak it through the front door
Calling love by a different name

if true love knocks on your back door
please dont make it wait outside
If true love knocks on your back door
Go ahead and ask it in for the night

I got something to tell you
Dont you turn around too soon
Something else beside you and me
Has snuck into the room
It was sitting still and warm
And waiting by the door
It couldve been your shining eyes
It couldve been your smile so warm

True love's been waiting...
-open up
True love's been waiting...
-open up the door


Written By: Jaime' Morton

I like to give myself a scare sometimes
Driving down the highway dark
I turn off all my headlights
I give myself a start

I like the way my heart speeds up
I like the way my breath gets sharp
I pretend I’m Amelia flying through the dark


There’s hope swung in the widest arc
Just to touch that wild blue
No-one stops the pulse that pumps
Your life back in to you

Sometimes its fear
Sometimes it’s the unknown
Sometimes it’s once we realize love can’t even bring us home
It scares us into living
The life we dreamed we'd find
and sometimes I'm Amelia
flying through the night

When her plane stalled in that sea of stars
how long did she hold on?
What went through that woman’s mind
When her dashboard lights were gone?


Would you take a chance of dying?
To feel the wind and rain
for a lifetime of adventure, if rescue never came

It scares us into living
the life we dreamed we'd find
and sometimes I’m Amelia
Flying through the night

Bicycle Song

Written By: Jaime' Morton

Down the hill-round the bend
This moment will never feel this good again
And i will shout out my delight, as i am riding on my bike

Hold on tight-i can steer without my hands
You sit on the back and kick as fast as you can
People say we look real stupid-the two of us like little kids
But i get so emotional on my bicycle in the wind

Watch out baby-were pickin up speed now
Sharp curve to the right-hold on to me now
Past the old dog barking-cause he cant come along
But he couldnt catch us anyway-we're too far gone

Down the hill-round the bend
Lets do the things we used to do back then

I got a pocket full of quarters-lets go down to the arcade
Lets tell those skate board punkers wecould beat any of em anyday...
Well thats if we can find an old pin-ball machine
Then well race them on my bicycle down into the open street

Watch out baby-we're pickin up speed now
Sharp curve to the right-hold on to me
With you beside me -pushing us along
And this small town sunset about to fall
I dont think i mind getting older at all

Down the hill....


Written By: Jaime' Morton

I crave, I crave, and I am twisted inside
in the darkest part of me- I am barely alive

You’re my water, I am thirsty- how can I explain?
Someone who loves me, right beside me- but its you that I crave

We don’t talk, I don't see you
Were not friends anymore
but you once swore you loved me, I still stand on that shore

I swim into the ocean, coolness quenching the burning I know
One grain of sand, two grains of sand, I stand here counting till this feeling will go.

10 years, 10 more
Burning letters, there is nothing to save
I have closed every door, empty vessel, still its you that I crave

You’re my water, I am so thirsty- how can I explain?
Someone loves me, right beside me- but its you I crave

It's you I crave

I crave, I crave I crave


Animals are moving

That Wild Blue

jaime' morton acoustic guitars & vocals
adam rothberg bass,electric guitar,dobro,slide guitar,drum machine and bells-
tom manken alto sax
jeff nissenbaum drums-
max cohen electric guitar
pete nelson synthesizer
dar williams harmony
keith greeninger harmony
ellis paul harmony
amy malkoff harmony
diana brewer harmony

katrina & nerissa neilds appear only in our imagination due to the 20' of snow that kept them home.

produced by adam rothberg and jaime' morton

'the bicycle song',vocal & guitar recorded at the operating room, great neck ny- engineered by david seitz

'not forgiven' & 'the book of too little '- vocal & guitar recorded at slaughterhouse, hadley ma- engineered by mark allen miller