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"New band upbeat about its music"

Positive message a trademark of new alternative rock group

A new alternative rock band in the area has been spreading optimistic messages, and its lead singer, an East Meadow resident, can only see positive things coming from that.
Nick Santini, 23, who moved to East Meadow from Garden City about five months ago, has been producing songs for the past 18 months with a new group called "Jaime's Smile."
In addition to lead vocals, Santini also plays rhythm guitar for the band. He is joined by Chuck McDermott, 25, of Seaford, on lead guitar; Torey Pirolo, 24, of Syosset, on bass; and John Capogna, 21, of Massapequa, on drums.
Pirolo parted ways with his old band, "The Escape Artists," to help form the new group.
"We got together because we all have the same ideas about what we want to do," said Santini. "We're all from the same background in terms of listening to the same music. Right now we're in the process of creating a new album and we're writing new songs."
Santini said the new album, which will probably have 10 songs, is scheduled for a mid-February release.
The first album the band produced, self-titled "Jaime's Smile," which featured eight songs, has been "doing real well" since its debut about six months ago, said Santini. "People have been responding to it," he said, adding that about 2,000 copies were sold in the first three or four months of release.
In this era of music that sends the wrong or negative messages, Jaime's Smile has been swimming against the flow.
"What we've been going for is something positive, sending a positive message to people," said Santini. "A lot of younger kids are listening to messages about death. We're going for the more uplifting message." One of the band's songs, entitled "Typical Night," presents a positive message about going out with friends and having a really good time.
Santini said other songs from the band try to counter negative messages of hopelessness and suicide. "We're about, 'There's always hope' and 'It's not the end of the world' if things go wrong," Santini said. "We're always saying, 'Hold your head up, things will get better.'
"In our songs we're not talking about death, how much love stinks and heartbreak," Santini added.
Another song, entitled "Girls Who Steal Sweatshirts," is about moving on after breaking up in a relationship. "I got the title of the song because whenever I break up with a girlfriend, I always end up losing a sweatshirt [to her]," Santini said.
The group is most popular with the 18-to-25 age range, but the band is also a favorite of many younger kids and has a following of those 40 to 50 years old. With the group's positive messages, Jaime's Smile has also become a favorite of parents as well.
The group has been limited in the live music that it plays because the number of venues for groups like Jaime's Smile has become narrower. "The best way for us to go is to put out a small album," said Santini. "And we don't have the money right now to put out a huge album." He said it costs about $1,000 to produce each song.
The group practices about two to three times a week in Santini's basement to stay sharp.
"We're trying to take this as far as we can," Santini said, adding that the band is planning on touring along the East Coast during the summer and hitting some college locales.

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"Jaime's Smile Invades"

“Jaime’s Smile is one of the best bands I’ve seen live, with truthful words that bring you back home to thrashing guitar licks and vocals that are impossible to forget. The band really makes you want to sing along and have a good time” - Michele Rizzo- Talent Buyer, Boulton Performing Arts Center

"High Hopes for positive LI group"

“With a brand new sound and beautiful lyrics Jaime’s Smile is sure to make your head spin” - Michael Angelo- Chief Engineer/Producer The Music Palace, NY

"The fans love em"

“I’ve been to hundreds of live shows in my life, and honestly never heard a local band live before that truly catches my attention, and I can say that Jaime’s Smile is the first to do that” - Bill Fleming- Fan in Boston, Massachusetts

"Something fun for your ears"

" With a serious drive for success, Nicks music is not only powerful, but it tells us stories about life in a way in which every one of us can relate. Jaime’s Smile is by far one of the most down to earth bands around today" - Craig Manganello- 1550 KYOU San Fransisco DJ


Jaimes Smile has been working off their latest self-titled EP and putting them into the hands of listeners far and wide. The bands "hit" is right now the song called "Typical Night" and has been receiving radio airplay on a regular basis.




With big plans and huge dreams of making their mark on the historic Indie rock scene of their native Long Island, NY, Jaime’s Smile undoubtedly has an uphill battle to achieve that goal. The faint echos of that revolution (predecessors Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw and Brand New) can barely be heard these days around suburban Long Island. However, if the reaction from their loyal fans at live shows and the excitement over their second release “The Fearful and Wonderful” is any indication of a revitalization of that scene, then rest assured that the band is here to stay and ready to make their mark.

The band Jaime’s Smile (comprised of Nick Santini, Torey Pirolo, Chuck McDermott and John Capogna) is thrilled about the excitement building around them at their live shows where you’ll see that their biggest interest is playing great rock music to enthusiastic and amazing fans. “We all feed off the energy created through our music and our fans", says lead singer and guitarist Nick Santini. Formed by Santini in the summer of 2006, Jaime’s Smile has increasingly grown in popularity and two years later, has been become an unstoppable force of rock music since they first burst upon the scene.
Their new LP hits hard with head slamming guitar riffs, radiant harmonics, and chillingly honest lyrics on the songs "House Mouse", "You're Wrong", and "The Staredown". The softer "Girls Who Steal Sweatshirts" includes an orchestrated, climactic ensemble which carefully waits to bring you into a world of pure energy. "That's the Jaime's Smile way: They'll play the first chorus soft and then they'll nail you over the head with a sledgehammer of rock", says Dave Caggiano of BetaMax studios.

From Capogna's impeccable timing, Pirolo's breakbeat bass lines, McDermott's powerful leads and Nick's powerful vocals, these four inseparable friends work off each other's energy and literally rock the stage every time. Proving the bands versatility and musicianship, songs like "Typical Night" and "Miss December" feature a ska-reggae feel that weaves in and out of rock-n-roll themes. "Monsters Call", on the other hand, is pure rock/metal energy enabling the band to explore the harder side of rock while Santini reveals his personal side telling a tale of a young man's secret night life during rough times.
"Having people just listening to our music is the most rewarding aspect of being an artist", says Pirolo. "Our music is something that we create and that we believe in. Once you listen to one of our songs we consider you part of the Jaime's Smile family". Jaime's Smile's mission is simple: Take the band to new heights, one exciting live show at a time while bringing the sounds of Long Island's dimming rock scene back to life once again.

"Thank you to all who listen and come to our shows, you are our family"

For booking info. contact management:
e-mail: desertisle2000@yahoo.com
phone: (917) 518-9797
web: www.JaimesSmile.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/JaimesSmile