Inheritance of the British Empire, JAIPUR KAWA BRASS BAND is an authentic street parade. and is synonym of joy and happiness, the spirit of Indian celebration. You will find them in every wedding of Rajasthan.


Sound of the brass and the drum! Who has never enjoyed the frenzy sound of a brass band? In India, as everywhere else, it appeals to its audience.
The first time was in 1750. The British Empire presented an English brass band in Calcutta. A century later, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, tubas, side drums, bass drums played for all festivities, on whoever's initiative: British or Indians, whatever the purpose: religious, popular, military or sportive. The repertoire was western as well as Indian.
Brass bands today belong to the Indian tradition. They accompany events such as national or religious celebrations, popular festivals and also life events such as weddings. In India, no marriage is without a brass band! They play in procession through the congested and noisy street, from the home of the bridegroom to that of his betrothed, followed by the enthusiastic party family dancing on rolling percussion and strident clarinets.
All members of this musical group are professional artists. Their father and forefathers were themselves musicians in a brass band.
Artists of JAIPUR KAWA BRASS BAND, selected by Hameed Khan "Kawa", the artistic director, are some of the best musicians from famous brass bands of Rajasthan (state of North West of India).
Hameed Khan "Kawa" is the creator and artistic director of Musafir and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band and comes from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. His father and forefathers were musicians, exponents of both folk and classical Indian music. He is a master tabla player and after arriving in France in 1984, Hameed spread his culture in a particular way, sharing it with artists of different persuasions. The Trio Erik Marchand, was created as a subtle fusion of French Brittany, Arabian and Rajasthani traditions. Hameed Khan also played with musicians such as Narendra Bataju, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Lakshmi Shankar, Chico Bouchiki(Gypsy King), Najat Aatabou, Natacha Atlas, Lo'Jo Triban, and Thierry Robin.
The thorough knowledge of his own musical tradition and his occidental experience, allows Hameed to chose a wild repertoire from Indian traditional music to popular songs of Indian movies. He added the sophisticated structures of North Indian classical music to deliver an unexpected performance.
JAIPUR KAWA BRASS BAND is rich with elaborate rhythms, virtuous improvisations, a colorful and exceptional show with the Gypsy Sapera Kalbelya dancer, whose choreography represents the contortions of the cobra- the guardian of spiritual Truth- and the fakir, who swallows a sabre right in front of your eyes!
JAIPUR KAWA BRASS BAND brings to you Indian rejoicing. They go on parade in the streets and perform on stage as well. They have played in many European festivals like Re-Orient, Roots Festival, Festival Couleur Café, WOMAD, PALEO, La Mar de Musicas, Canto Nomade, Festival Couleur Café, Festival de la Cote d'Opale, Les Folies de Maubeuge, Jeudis du Port, La Carnavalcade, Paris-Quartier d'Eté.


1997 JAIPUR KAWA BRASS BAND (Iris Music) Distributed by Harmonia Mundi