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Grayling, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Grayling, Michigan, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Alternative Acoustic




"Jake Allen - Deviant Motions"

Although it was his second album, I was first introduced to Jake Allen in 2009 with Etherica. It had a jazzy tone – that straddled flamenco and Americana. It’s a treat then, to see how far Michigan golden boy, Jake Allen has come in nine years. The result is the prolific Deviant Motions. While some of today’s musical audiences prefer live recordings or garage-band like gunk, Allen’s masterful guitar work and polished production in the 14-track album deserve rewarding accolades.
Still, I’m not sure where the word ‘deviant’ comes into play. Because he follows his own path? Does Allen have some underground, hush hush secret? I didn’t get that vibe whatsoever. Perhaps he’s urging the listener to create his or her own path and deviate from the norm. Don’t just go through the motions.

It doesn’t take long to get into Allen’s influence...... He’s like a favorite pair of jeans; his songs are easy to fit into. They just click........There’s so much joy and energy (in Deviant Motions). I could also see any of these tracks on a soundtrack to a coming of age drama or comedy. Allen’s talents continue – his songs lend to the imagination.

I think that’s Allen’s strong suit – that wall of sound and mixology of genre-bending music. He speeds things up with it calls for it, and slows things down when the time feels right......

Overall, Deviant Motions is impressive. High marks indeed. It’s enjoyable and easy to get through. The songs all feel like the perfect length and are different enough where you don’t feel like you’re on rinse repeat. His timing couldn’t have been better – while it’s been nine years since his last album, Deviant Motions is ready for summer enjoyment. Kudos to Michigan’s Jake Allen. - No Depression

"Northern Michigan’s Jake Allen and the orchestra in his mind"

Multi-tasking comes second nature to Jake Allen. Not only does the Grayling native turn his guitar into a percussive band of sorts during performances, but the multi-instrumentalist who started on keyboards (inspired by his musician father) and then took up drums plays most of the instruments on his studio albums.

His impressive skills have been on display in collaborative fashion, too, whether playing with the northern Michigan band The Cookies, his own Jake Allen Band or touring with Traverse City indie-folk sensations The Accidentals.

But he doesn’t want his jaw-dropping musicianship regarded as just a “shtick” either.

“It truly is about making as much happen on the guitar that’s going on in my mind,” he says of the “full production” he strives to present during performances and displays in lush prog- and pop-rock fashion on his new studio album, “Deviant Motions.” - Local Spins

"Jake Allen Releases New Album 'Deviant Motions'"

Like the soundtrack to your summer or a diary entry, singer-songwriter Jake Allen captures into music what one is feeling and even more so, how one’s heart sounds. Allen’s approach is neither hard rock and roll or boy band pop, but rather his own organic alt-rock, synth-infused vulnerability. In the album, Deviant Motions, the songs’ sultry undertones and musical waves captivate the listener.

Allen, who calls Michigan home, seems to capitalize on a wide selection of cityscapes and rural settings. His music balances these vibes. It’s his musicality – on Deviant Motions you can clearly hear massive guitar work, cascading keys, violin, harp and of course subtle percussion. At their core are Allen’s vocals – a voice so inviting and empathetic you feel as though you’ve known him your whole life.

Much like Gavin DeGraw, the vocals of Jake Allen seem to all have a big gesture-like quality to them...... Allen’s earnest emotions cross gender and age. He takes the idea of a modern serenade into the same ballpark as Peter Gabriel did in the iconic “In Your Eyes.” There’s such a humbleness to his work – he drives up the anticipation (especially in “Bridges”) only to keep you moving along and motions you to come join him in this adventure.

“Scorpio” the third track is probably the most solid pop sounding section on Deviant Motions. It’s airy. It’s a bit cute but still innovative. One contender for standout song is the sixth selection, “Imprismed.” This song really bends some electronic waves with some traditional rock sounds. It has a richness going for it, at the same time, it stays back into an instrumental corner. Allen’s voice is still heard, but it seems mixed at a lower level. I really dig his delivery......

Two thumbs up very high for Deviant Motion. - Indie Band Guru

"Jake Allen drops Deviant Motions LP"

When I first heard of Jake Allen, I heard that this musical protégé, a young fellah from Michigan was making a name for himself plucking the guitar like Andy McKee. His sophomore album, Etherica was full of jazz, multi-layered orchestrations and music bands far more complex than one would imagine from such a young soul. Let’s face it, too, Michigan is known for its assembly line of rockers and of course Motown. Allen still rocks – just in a different way. His new album Deviant Motions is top of mind.

Featuring 14 tracks....Allen showcases himself as an emerging artist holding different cards for different genre......There’s something about Allen’s voice that makes you feel warm, without rubbing you the wrong way. He doesn’t suffocate you with the words and music beds. He’s a background player, but at the same time, he grows on you.....

....Allen is a force to be reckoned with. He can compete with the likes of Sean Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Charlie Puth, X Ambassadors – and a slew of others on pop radio. He has the song power and the charm on his side. Let me reiterate – the guy can sing. He’s no slouch on the guitar either. Deviant Motions is a great collection of songs – all....are rich in musicality and flavor. - Vents Magazine


2018 Deviant Motions, LP
2015 Rearrangements, EP
2011 Etherica, LP
2009 SleEP, EP



Jake Allen has taken his place as one of the world’s most prolific finger-style guitarists.  His unique percussive style, altered tunings, two-handed technique and live looping transform his acoustic guitar into a versatile instrument with the sound and energy of a full band.  His commanding vocals and capacity to connect with his audience have earned him recognition as a celebrated international touring artist.  "Allen is a force to be reckoned with. He can compete with the likes of Sean Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Charlie Puth, X Ambassadors – and a slew of others on pop radio.” ventsmagazine.com

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