Jake and Jamin are called JEFF. From nashville TN, they play drums and a three string guitar, they make floors and bums move. JEFF likes castles and kids that can yell and stomp their feet. They feed crumbling noise-rock gurgle into the mouths of people and animals, and make friends too.


Jeff is extra good.
Jeff can shuck the corn.
Jeff is two brothers. Jake Orrall and Jamin Orrall.
Jake sings the words and plays the guitars.
Jamin hits hard the drums.

Jake and Jamin! from The Sex, be your own PET, The Tennessee Black Plague, Snug, and the label they started when they were 16 and 14, Infinity Cat Recordings.
Jeff is when Jake and Jamin create the music from the mind they share.

Their live shows are mostly nice and fun (good), from house shows to record store set-up-and-play guerilla performances, throwing out their set list and improvising unforgettable noise-rock.

ATR says "Jeff features brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall making noisy, artful, lo-fi indie punk".
The Village Voice-owned Nashville Scene says "They have figured out a way to organize noise music so it becomes accessible, without writing just boy-girl songs. There's a real maturity- they know exactly how long to keep doing something before it gets too boring." JEFF compares to Sonic Youth, "Talking Heads 77" and the sonic improvisation of Sonny Sharrock and Ornette Coleman."

Bands JEFF has appeared with: Deluxin' Cake Bake Betty, Magic Markers, Taiwan Death, Pterodactyl, Battles, Elf Power, Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power, The Mattoid, The Gerbils, Gays in The Military, A Poet Named Revolver, Sonic Youth, The Spiritual Family Reunion, and many more...

John Peets
Q Prime
Nashville, TN


"Castle Storm" - July 2006, Infinity Cat Recordings

"The Byzantine Empire" - 2005, Infinity Cat Recordings

"I Like You" - 2002, Infinity Cat Recordings

"The Brotherhood" - 2005, Stoneham Tapes

"Cancer killer 7" w/ DVD" - 2006, Infinity Cat Recordings

"Downloaded: Essential Indie Rock Alternatives" - 2005, push-33 records

Set List

Set length is 30 minutes, longer if allowed more time
Stoo a Soup
Spice of Life
Oh Globe
Doo It
Glen Echo
I Don't Need Your Tas-t
Extra Good
Droom Kit
Continental Breakfast
Shuck The Corn
Tasty Breeze
Steamship (S.S. Jake and Jamin)
Hot Gloo
Cancer Killer
Oh No No You Don't
My Back Hurts