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""Everything's Jake" - The Noise"

"Looks like everything is coming up Jake for Jake and the Jakes, with a great deal of class power rock going on here. I find myself wondering, who is this Jake and why is everything always about him? Does he like this band because of the name or because of their strong penchant for over the top, power rock, which evokes tinges of The Who, Aerosmith, Gin Blossoms, Alvin Lee? Does he dig when they do the acoustic power rock ballad that sounds like a revved up Hootie song? Does he get stoned and rock out with this band, because it's the right thing to do, or because they named a band after him? Does he like the raspy vocalist, even though his name isn't Jake? Does he dig the straight-ahead back to basics bar rock approach, with cool guitar solos and powerful drumming? Does he make the devil horns in the air every time his name is mentioned? How did this band get so Jake-centric? These questions need to be answered, my friends. Or you could just listen to the record and forget all about Jake. What did he ever do for you? - The Noise Magazine - Joel Simches

""Last Call" - The Noise"

Here's the breakdown of the latest CD by this power trio. "War is Over" is catchy hard rock, kind of call-and-response vocals alternating between distant-sounding, distorted vocals and clearer vocals. "Waiting on You" evokes old Black Sabbath that starts off with a sound that recalls "War Pigs" with its vocal/instrumental trade-offs before it morphs into a melodic rock-off. "Stripes" is more hard rock that melds with a mournful blues harp and a back-and-forth dialogue between drums and guitar, which is interesting and effective. Then there's the puzzling "Charade": two minutes and 43 seconds of drum solo with a drum major's whistle thrown in there. Sure, it's a nicely done solo, but maybe they should have used this as an intro or outro to the CD. The obligatory "ballad," is "Is This All," which, to the band's credit, it rightfully underproduced. It gives the song a raw, almost tribal sound. The guitar is clear yet subtle with its un-effected solo parts. The CD jumps right back in to hard rock with "Really Want It," an early metal-sounding song that evokes Judas Priest. Overall, this CD is catchy, has interesting and varied musical ideas within the power trio structure, is nicely produced, has great instrumentation, and at seven songs, is a perfect length. It grew on me. I wish I had a lyric sheet, though.

- Robin Umbley - The Noise

""Everything's Jake" - BMO's World"

"First of all, just to clear the air, there are no Jakes in this band, No Jacobs either. I just thought you should know that before we go any further. Jake and the Jakes are a throwback. Listening to this debut CD you can almost convince yourself that punk rock never happened, this is your basic straight up rock, light on the roll and heavy on the riffs, plenty of riffs, and plenty of good songs too, particulary "Give A Damn and Lesbian Girlfriend," which sounds almost like a Northeastern version of Lynrd Skynard. Their influences seem to range from Neil Young to Angus Young, and from Bad Company to Cream. Jake and the Jakes would of fit perfectly in the stoner parties I used to attend back in 1982, when we would spin ZZ Top and AC/DC. Good fun. - Brian Mosher - BMO's World

""Last Call" - Metronome"

Raw, in-your-face, hard driving rock and roll is what the power trio Jake and the Jakes deliver on their new 7-song CD, Last Call. After listening to songs like "Waiting On You" and "War Is Over", it's easy to see that these guys have been influenced a bit by Black Sabbath. Don't get me wrong, they don't sound like Ozzy and the boys but there's no denying that Sabbath has seeped into their core. Guitarist Sean Murray, singer-drummer-guitarist (how does he do it) Jim Maz and bassist Jeff Murray are loud and proud.... but you wouldn't want it any other way.
- Doug Sloan - Metronome

""Everything's Jake" - Metronome"

"Right off the bat you know you're in for a guitar feast. Jake & The Jakes open up their new album with a grandiose rock instrumental full of over-the-top guitar playing and it continues on from there. This power trio featuring bassist Jeff Murray, singer-guitarist-drummer Jimmy Maz and guitarist Sean Murray slams these songs against the wall like an angry nightclub bouncer cranked up on crystal meth. There's nothing pretty about Jake & The Jakes because this is rock & roll in it's purest form. Raw, loud, emotive and totally in your face. At times, the Jakes remind you of the Smithereens and thats no such a bad thing. Best songs on Everything's Jake include the aptly titled "Rockah," the chunky groove of "Give A Damn," the Bad Co. inspired "Superstars," the boisterous "Dish It Out," and the hard rockin "Living That Way" (the best song on the lot). There's lots of reasons to like Jake & The Jakes but subtlety isn't one of them. Rock & Roll anyone?" - Doug Sloan - The Metronome

""Everything's Jake" - Rob Kleiner"

I am not going to start off this review like every other person who has reviewed this band. I am not going to tell you what member of the band is or is not actually named Jake. I'll refrain from going this route because we all know by now that none of them are called Jake. Wait, CRAP

The songs are filled with rocking guitar riffs. They are not speed metal riffs; Michael Angelo Batio won't be a fan. I bet if Michael were to meet any of the Jakes in a back alley, Michael would lift up his mighty guitar and, actually who cares. If you care what Michael Angelo Batio thinks, don't listen to Jake and the jakes cause you won't like them. I don't like Michael Angelo Batio, I do like Jake and the jakes.

The vocals sound raw. You can hear about 30,000 cigarettes in the vocals. I am not condoning the lighting up of cigarettes to achieve this sound, but in this case it works. Sometimes I wake up in the morning after a night out at a concert and I can't talk. My voice destroyed from yelling at the top of my lungs to the person next to me about Bush, music or Chinese finger traps. That hurt vocal feeling is the tone of Jake and the jakes lead singer. Hurt and smoky.

Their recordings are well done but they are defiantly home done. I look forward to when this band can get into a real studio and show us what they are capable of completing.
- Rob Kleiner

""Last Call" - Whats Up"

Jake and The Jake's latest release builds on the power pop, radio-friendly hard rock that they developed with their previous releases. The newest release seems to have been built around the energy of their live shows, complete with ripping harmonica solos and guitar solos worthy of the J. Geils Band or Billy Squier. There is even a Bonham-esque drum solo ala Bonzo..s Montreaux from Led Zeppelin's last album, Coda. There may be a little extra adrenaline packed into this album, but it's a good thing and makes for a fun listen. - Kier Byrnes - Whats Up

""Last Call" - Northest Performer"

Harkening back to the good ole days of early '90s rock, Last Call recalls the sound of the Seattle grunge scene of yesteryear. The powerful vocals of Jim Maz are delivered deftly and could be confused with Scott Weiland if one isn't listening carefully. A strong chorus and refreshing background vocals highlight the second track; however, the drum solo that comprises the entirety of the fourth track halts the positive momentum of the album with its unnecessary self-indulgence.

- Northest Performer

""Everything's Jake" - Whats Up"

"The music is pretty much straight forward, radio friendly hard rock that features some cleaver songs with some talented guitar playing" - Kier Brynes - Whats Up

""Everything's Jake" - Whats Up"

"The music is pretty much straight forward, radio friendly hard rock that features some cleaver songs with some talented guitar playing" - Kier Brynes - Whats Up


Single: Dish it out - released April 2006 as a single for the Boston band Compilation "Music Not Inspired by Montanta" - Pelham Records

10 song CD: Everything's Jake - 10 songs that cover a wide variety of subjects and types of music.

7 Song CD - Last Call - Another great CD put out by Jake and the Jakes - special guests appearances by local legends Liz Borden and Charlie Leger of The Fighting Cocks. You can listen to us on WAAF, WMFO, WBCN, WBIM, WERS, and WMBR

10 song CD - LIVE on WMFO - Great sounding, hard rocking set of music by Jake and the Jakes - recorded and mixed by the legendary Joel Simches - This disc captures the sound of Jake and the Jakes live



Hey, we're Jake and the Jakes and if you haven't heard of us yet, then what the hell are you waiting for???!?? Sean Murray and Jim Maz have been together writing songs since the Paleolithic age (ok maybe thats taking it a little too far), they were in search of a certain sound and certain people to play their songs.

Jake and the Jakes were officially formed in the summer of 2005 with the addition of bass player Jeff Murray.

Their first release (Oct 2006) entitled "Everything's Jake" prompted their first interview on Baystate Rock with Carmelita on WAAF. The disc also received a tremendous amount of praise from The Noise, Metronome, Whats Up Magazine, BMO's World and Rob Kleiner of Pelham Records. In May 2007 Everythings Jake peaked at the number 3 spot of The Local Top 30 as published by The Noise Magazine.

The information for The Local Top 30 is compiled from airplay lists for that given month by WAAF, WFNX, WBCN, WZBC, WTCC, WMFO and WMBR.

Jake and the Jakes sophomore release entitled "Last Call" came on the heels of "Everything's Jake" peaking at number 3. Released July 7th, 2007, Last Call is receiving great reviews and has landed at number 8 into The Local Top 30 in the October 2007 issue of The Noise.

Last Call features 7 songs with some help by local legends Liz Borden of The Liz Borden Band and Charlie Leger of The Fighting Cocks.

In August 2007 Jake and the Jakes released a LIVE, on the air recording of their performance on WMFOs famed Live On The Town With Mikey Dee show. This disc features songs from both Everythings Jake and Last Call and is a glowing example of the energized/tight sounds that is a staple of their live performance.

Jake and the Jakes are back together after a 6 month hiatis (starting in Nov of 07) and have started to write some new material which will hopefully be released during the Summer of 08.