Jake Bellows

Jake Bellows


Former Neva Dinova frontman steps away from his band of 15 years and re-emerges with new intentions and a new project. Recorded with members of The Faint and The Good Life, the band alternates between textured rock squall and minimal, poetic ruminations.


Jake Bellows is the voice of a giant and gentle magnet. Unassuming and disarming, his live show leaves listeners feeling nothing less than high and wanting more. Whether he is dancing fantastic laser beam guitar solos around his crooning vocals with full rock band, or standing alone in the spotlight, audiences can't help but fall in love.

He has been living and breathing music since 1993 when he formed his first band Neva Dinova. After several self-releases, their first self-titled studio album came out in 2002 on Crank! Records, followed by The Hate Yourself Change in 2005 on SideCho Records, and You May Already Be Dreaming in 2010 on Saddle Creek. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, an influential staple amongst the tight-knit community, he was in good company. In 2004, Neva Dinova released a split 10" with Bright Eyes, One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels, which featured three of Jake's songs and three Bright Eyes songs. The album was a darling of fans and critics alike, and was rereleased, with two additional songs from each band on Saddle Creek in 2010. Neva Dinova toured the world as headliners, as well as in support of bands including Death Cab For Cutie, M. Ward, Rilo Kiley, Stephen Malkmus, Daniel Johnston, Jonathan Richman, Mates of State, Cursive, Centro-matic, Azure Ray, Pinback, and Bright Eyes.

A true and unique voice of our time, Bellows has after two decades never relented as a writer, and he now reemerges with new intention in the starkly beautiful, haunting New Ocean. The gift he bears comes across in everyday conversation with gas station attendants, homeless guys, and grocery store clerks alike. But here this intention is captured on tape and made ready for the masses. The message is unity, and it speaks to everyone. In the title track, he speaks of imagining a flood filling up the valleys of East LA, where he now resides. And instead of scrambling, every man for himself, he speaks to the possibility of a better way. "Let's lower down the ropes, and let our brothers in" he sings. "Give my body to the fish so they don't starve. And we can fall into a New Ocean."

The album was recorded in Omaha with Ben Brodin (multi-instrumentalist with Conor Oberst and engineer at ARC studios), Ryan Fox (The Good Life), Todd Fink (The Faint), and Heath Koontz (Neva Dinova).


Self-distributed digital singles
Debut full-length album, New Ocean, to be released early 2013