Jake Bergevin

Jake Bergevin


Chet Baker meets Sting. Edgy jazz vocalist and trumpeter sings like Sting and swings like Chet. "Deep and moving lyrics" says Mark Murphy. "Romantic, thoughtful and extremely musical" says Grammy Nominated Jazz Singer Karrin Allyson. Performing originals and new arrangements of jazz classics.


Jake Bergevin joins the ranks of many successful hyphenates as a singer-trumpet player residing in the Seattle area. Like Diana Krall, Harry Connick, Jr., or Chet Baker, he has continued to refine his craft in both arenas and plays as headliner and occasional sideman mostly in his native Seattle area.


The Sacred Romance

Written By: Pat Metheny/Jake Bergevin

The Sacred Romance (So May It Secretly Begin)
Music – Pat Metheny
Words – Jake Bergevin

This heart of Darkness beats within this chest of mine, listen
The echoing of drums signaling a gathering storm
I hear it strong in the night
Tell Tale rhythm that just might
Create cause for concern

This heart of Passion that I've learned to disregard calls me
Beginning to control all of my wakened dreams
So May it Secretly Start
Cadences in my heart
Crescendoing so it seems

And I say a prayer
That the Spirit may be calling me
Magic of a summer love affair – of a memory
That could never fade away

The shore, the waves, the breeze
Whipping cliffs and churning seas

In the power of all that is light,
There's a threat in the night, in the darkness

If there's a secret that I wouldn't tell myself, maybe
Then you could lend an ear or wait quietly
Tell me do you hear the drums -
Waking us from what numbs
The Sacred Romance Within?

The Girl with No Regret

Written By: Sting/Miller - lyrics Bergevin

The Girl with No Regret – Music by Sting and Dominic Miller, Lyrics by Jake Bergevin

Let’s dance, you say
Though I’m afraid
Afraid to fall
Or move at all

The fear it binds
As our steps intertwine
I search for moves in vain
My love …

And when you start
The rhythm tears my heart
I think you know
I can’t let go

I speak unclear
And you refuse to hear
The Girl with No Regret

I cry, you laugh
I sing, you shout
You read my mind
And wear me out

My plan won’t play
But you, you get your way
A woman’s charms prevail
Again …

And when you start
The rhythm tears my heart
I think you know
I can’t let go

I speak unclear
And you refuse to hear
The Girl with No Regret

You take my hand
Hold a breath, and with closed eyes, don’t wake, just make this moment last forever
Dancing with you near, hoping you can’t hear the pounding of my heart
Undermining me, subtle sabotage.

Though the meter is odd, the theme is pure, fascination time
You cast me in a spell that you’ve woven well.
Old Black Magic it’s a favorite lovers’ game,
Maybe new words but the same refrain of

She who loves least never regrets the end
Still it’s a spell I can’t transcend.
Feeling your breath on my cheek – this is magic dark and deep
I can’t escape the voodoo. I won’t even try.

Although I’ll regret it I’m sure I will not forget it
Memories like these stay and stay with me
Haunting unending so it seems

You are the queen of all of my dreams
It may have only been a dance to you
A careless fling but I’m obsessing too extreme
Moving together in the dark and wishing it would never end


Holding Back the Dawn (M'Ocean Records) 2007
My Name is Jake (M'Ocean Records) 2003

Set List

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
The Best is Yet To Come
T'he Sacred Romance
The Girl With No Regret
I Wanna Be Loved
How Insensative
Where or When