Jake Brower

Jake Brower


Heavily guided by the styles of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and The Beatles, singer/songwriter Jake Brower blends melodic folk with roots rock n' roll to create a unique sound of his own.


Jake Brower is 18 years old and has become one of Madison, Wisconsin's best folk singers. Since 2003 Jake has been playing live shows in the Madison area at numorus venues along with attending school and practicing visual arts. Jake started at open mic's and worked his way up to larger gigs including two jaw dropping performances on Wisconsin Public Radio's (WPR) Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby.
Jake currently has two albums and plans to release a third in late summer of 2005. Along with his album will also be a move to
New York City to attend The Cooper Union School of the Arts.
His well recieved, self produced album titled Hang Up's (2003) contained 13 songs including "Good Things Fall Apart" and his sophomore release "Here's Another CD" contained 10 tracks and gained much exposure through various websites including MySpace.com.


Hang Up's (2003)
Here's Another CD (2004)

Gramercy Park Hotel (off of the upcoming "Goodbye California) is recieving radio airplay.

Set List

Jake's set is always changing in the past year he wrote and composed over 20 songs and enjoys playing his newest works. He also plays fan favorites such as "Good Things Fall Apart" and "About Sarah"