Jake Cheshire

Jake Cheshire


I am a singer/songwriter. I've been writing and performing songs for nearly 35 years, and along the way raising a family and working as a carpenter. Thoughtful lyrics with unique and memorable melodies are the best description of my work. Being a Southerner there's a taste of country in the music.


I used to write poems for a high school friend in exchange for help in math. He did well in English and I did better in algebra as a result of our conspiracy. I didn't start playing guitar until I was 18 years old. That happened when I had hitch hiked to Homestead, Florida to visit a friend and get a job where he worked for an avocado growing company. One night after hoeing around avocado trees all day, we ventured out into the neighborhood to meet some of Rick's friends. That's when I saw Spiffy playing a guitar and singing Rocky Raccoon to a small backyard gathering of folks. The job didn't suit me and I left after two days working and headed back to my home town, Pensacola. I dug up a guitar my Dad had bought for me and from the first chord I learned, I was writing my own lyrics and melodies. My first song was "Johnnie the Codfish". I've played my songs as a singer/songwriter and in many different bands all across the country, usually teaming up with Tim Goudy, my brother-in-law on guitar. Our most successful band being The New Arkadelphians. My many influences include Bob Dylan, The Band, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, James Taylor, Hank Williams Sr., Tom Waits, Fred Neil, early Elton John, Jim Croce, The Kinks, and the Beatles of course-mainly John Lennon. I enjoy playing for charitable causes. I am interested in film and I enjoy writing songs about a given subject. I would love to write songs for motion pictures. My motto: Never stop!



Written By: John T. (Jake) Cheshire

Mattie the road is long,
Sure enough far as the eye can see.
Mattie these gates are high,
but they won't stop me.
You don't have to be no saint
No Mattie, you just gotta try to be.
The warden's strong,
But he went and left the key.

Oh yes I'm safe.
Oh lord I'm free.
And I'm standing here to tell you that love delivered me.

Mattie my time is short,
you know we've all got our own cross to bear.
But words spoken from the heart
could hardly compare
To all of the love you've given
Oh Mattie, and all of the times you tried,
Oh a weeping willow couldn't touch the tears you cried

Oh yes I'm safe.
Oh lord I'm free.
And I'm standing here to tell you that love delivered me.

the 22nd

Written By: J.T. (Jake) Cheshire

You rolled me over,and told me something
Something I can believe,
You know my heart's been hunting.
And come what may, I'll still be loving you

Your roler coaster is fun to ride on.
Your lovin' arms they're what I rely on
And come what may, I'll still be loving you

It was out of the blue
Like a strong hurricane
The answer to a prayer it came on through
There's something real cleansing here
Like a hard pouring rain
God bless this earth, and bless the hearts of our gathered few

So I keep dreaming, and I'll keep trying
I'll reach for the sky, and with you beside me
It won't matter what happens
I'll still be loving you


The New Arkadelphians LP 1993

Set List

I have about 200 original songs that I play in mixed sets, I like to play a 30 to 45 minute set if multiple sets are required, or 60 to 90 minute single set performances.