Jake Coco

Jake Coco


Jake Coco Sings Heartfelt acoustic Tunes about peace Love and Life.


“I want to be the conductor of your emotions. I want everyone to smile with me, to laugh with me, to cry with me, to love with me, even to die with me. I want to change the world, am I am naïve enough to believe that it is possible. Music could write the doctrine of world peace and if everyone stopped all of their nonsense and just sang a song, held hands, and loved, then maybe we could stop fighting over invisible boundary lines and green colored paper. Love is all around, and fighting is just a distraction. I will only be on this planet in this body for a short amount time, and I don’t want to waste a single second of it doing anything other than living, laughing, singing and loving. I live to Love.”
LA singer-songwriter Jake Coco has been playing music literally for almost his entire life. Raised by his single mother in Cleveland, he was given a violin at the age of two, and from that point on, music has been his life. By the time he reached high school, Jake had taught himself guitar and piano before settling on the drums, joining local pop-punk band Spenser in 2000. The band achieved local, then regional success, but artistic differences broke them up, and Jake has remained a solo artist ever since. He began to write his own songs, and found his sound as an acoustic pop singer-songwriter. Forgoing a full scholarship to the Berklee School of Music, he instead wrote and recorded his first album, Broken Hearts and Fairytales, in a makeshift home studio, before arriving in Los Angeles in 2003.

Just a short year later, Jake’s album found itself in the hands of Alliance Entertainment, who quickly signed him to their brand-new record label. While with Alliance, Jake released Broken Hearts in 2006, and became one of the first artists to use YouTube to promote his music. Releasing homemade videos of his performances, Jake was able to build a massive grassroots fanbase across the US as well as overseas, and with over 40 million combined video hits, remains one of the internets most popular artists to date.

Jake’s internet celebrity fueled the sales of Broken Hearts and Fairytales, as well as his sophomore album, Re-Defining Love, released in late 2007. Both albums are filled with catchy love songs, written by a young man who is hopeful, albeit naive about life and love, struggling to find himself in a complicated world. Shortly after the release of Re-Defining Love, however, Alliance Records suddenly collapsed, leaving Jake on his own once again.

After taking a year to write and reflect, Jake has re-emerged in a big way. In the fall of 2008, he assembled a new band, a new management team, and is once again taking LA by storm with a live show that is quickly gaining buzz for its unique covers and unpredictable arrangements. His highly-anticipated third album, “Life is Beautiful”, it is set to be released this fall. With a newfound social awareness, Jake has re-invented himself. With songs life “Soldiers Kiss your Mothers, Put your Rifles Away”, “Life is Beautiful” and “Existing is Exhausting”, Jake has finally found his inner message that he is dying for the world to hear.


Broken Hearts and Fairytales-2005
Re-defining Love-2007
Back on Track- 2009
Life is Beautiful (E.P) 2009

Set List

Mostly originals with an occasional cover thrown in :) I can do sets from 20 minutes up to 2 hours